These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 25 – Principal & Teacher Dads Who Are Helping Mold The Future

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to put a well deserved spotlight on teachers and principals. For years now I have had a ton of respect for teachers. They do so much for our kids. This pandemic has proven just how much we need great teachers. So let’s take a look at some incredible dads who are either teachers or principals. If you want to put the spotlight on a teacher or principal leave it in the comment section below. 

Toby Price – Principal & Jedi Pad Master 

Grateful! That is word that Toby uses a lot. He is grateful to be an Assistant Principal at Gary Road Elementary. He says, “I am grateful to have a position that allows me to help teachers manage and grow their classrooms. So together we can create a place students feel safe, grow, belong and have something to contribute.” Gratitude is a great value to teach not only your kids, but in this case the kids at his school. If you follow him on Twitter at @JediPadMaster you will see him and his kids Joke of the Day! Besides all of the great work Toby does he is a fellow Star Wars geek. 

Creed Anthony – Teaching Us One Thing At A Time 

One of the first friends I have made in this parenting space is Creed Anthony. Not only does he have a great take on fatherhood, but he breaks things down so well. He is your stop and smell the roses writer. After reading his work you can enjoy things in a way you never have thought about before. He is a teacher too. So he knows the importance of guiding the next generation on the right path. If that isn’t impressive enough Creed is he only dad blogger endorsed* by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the only blogger to outrun a cheetah. So if you want to learn more about Creed follow his work on his site at My Captain’s Log. 

Henry Darby – Leading By Example 

Mr. Darby is the principal at North Charleston High School, but he went above and beyond to help his students in need. A couple of years ago, Henry found that that two of his students, were sleeping under the bridge. There was another situation where a former student of his and her daughter were sleeping in their car. Another former student needed funds for water and light bills. So to help them and others out he took a jon at Wal-Mart where all the money he made when to those in need. His work has led close to $100,000 in donations from all over the country. What a valuable lesson he is teaching his students. Well done Henry!

Chris Bernholdt – Inspiration Through The Arts 

I have met Chris through this parenting space. I even got to hang out with him in person at different events. When you go to his website at Dad-N-Charge you will see the phrase, Empowering parents with the knowledge and creativity it takes to raise the children. Chris was a stay-at-home dad and now is an Art teacher. That phrase is spot on when it comes to Chris. He is a great dad and his going to his site was a fantastic way to learn some parenting tips. Now that he is in Art teacher, he is using his creativity to inspire kids. Keep up the great work Chris. 

Ben Landers – The PE Specialist 

Ben Landers is a K-12 certified Physical Education teacher and has been teaching K-5th PE since 2007.  He has completed the National Board Certification in PE and also has a Masters in Education from Southern Wesleyan University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of South Carolina. Ben started this website in 2014 in an effort to provide an amazing resource for teachers.  He has a passion for kids and teaching quality physical education lessons that will empower students to be the best they can be. Being a PE teacher is such a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the kids that you teach, but his hope is to also impact more students by providing resources and ideas to teachers.

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