These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 26 – Dad Doctors And Nurses

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to highlight some dads who are doctors or nurses. Last week I wrote about teachers and principals which was well deserved. Now another profession that needs to be highlighted as well are those who work in the medical field. Doctors and nurses are doing everything they can during this pandemic to keep people safe. So I wanted to thank all the doctors and nurses who are looking to care for others. 

Jeff Huxford – Doctor, Dad & Survivor 

Jeff Huxford was a family medicine doctor in northwest Indiana for ten years before having to retire due to complications from a traumatic brain injury. He has since become a blogger, author, and speaker. In 2016, Jeff moved to Franklin, TN with his wife, Jacqui, and their two children, Jayse and Jenna. He is an avid reader, diehard Cincinnati Reds fan, and can usually be found at a field or court somewhere around Nashville watching his kids play sports. Check out his stories over at  

Albert Sy – Dad Nurse MD

Albert and his wife, Emily have a son named Leo. As the name of the site implies, Albert is a dad, but his son calls him “Dada.” He worked as a nurse, graduated medical school, and now he is a pathology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. For Albert it has been a crazy ride changing careers, getting married, and having his first child all while balancing medical school. Dad Nurse MD was created to be a digital diary for Albert, but he welcomes anyone who would like to tag along for his family’s crazy adventures! Most of his posts will be geared towards parenting, but he does write about health, wellness, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. There will be some traveling, medicine, self-improvement, and fighting the dad-bod as well. Read more about his journey at  

David Steinhardt – Doctor Dad Daily 

David is a physician, and more specifically an anesthesia resident in San Francisco, California. While packing his brain with an endless list of biological facts and processes throughout medical school he managed to meet and marry the woman of his dreams. They had a baby. There was a collision of two worlds. One was the demanding life of a physician and the other was an opportunity to becoming a father and start a family. It has inspired some of his long-dormant creativity.

To him medicine is a world of its own. In many ways learning medicine shapes the way he thinks about the world. At the same time, the changes in his personal and family life have changed the way he thinks about things that happen inside hospitals and clinics. So he started up his site. He enjoys staying up late at night and writing about it. Check out his story at his website, 

Stephen Freiberg – TheDADesthesiologist

Stephen Freiberg has two passions in life. They are his work and his family. For him work is a combination of precision, organization, focus and constant vigilance. The second, is zero of those things. He feels that life is a collection of trials, tribulations, mistakes, and missteps. For him life isn’t easy, but it certainly is wonderful. As an anesthesiologist, he is an expert in crisis management. Doctors prepares for the worst case scenario. Stephen is ready to execute Plan A, B, or C. He looks to utilize those plans to mitigate damage and optimize outcome. 

For better or worse, he views many of the components of his life through the paradigm of crisis management. He looks to minimize and mitigate damage, and optimize outcome. Plan ahead. Execute plan. Modify plan if necessary. Evaluate success of the plan.  This paradigm encompasses everything from financial planning to figuring out what’s for dinner.  Don’t think dinner choice is a crisis?  Tell that to his 3 year old or his wife. I feel you on that Stephen. Make sure you check out his site at 

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