Super Bowl Champ Malcolm Mitchell Promotes World Read Aloud Day

The pandemic is still causing disruptions to families’ normal routines. This is including in-person schooling, which provides opportunities for children to create meaningful connections. Parents are left grappling with ways to support children both academically and socially. Malcolm Mitchell, football champion, dad, and bestselling author, points to the benefits of dads reading aloud with their kids.

While kids enjoy special moments with dad, research shows that fathers also benefit from reading with their children. It helps them feel emotionally and physically closer to their kids. To help provide families with easy and exciting opportunities for literacy and social-emotional learning at home, Malcom is teaming up with Scholastic and LitWorld. They are doing this by celebrating World Read Aloud Day on February 3, 2021.

Malcom Mitchell Super Bowl Champ And Author Encourages Dads To Read Aloud With Their Kids

Many may be surprised to know that Malcom Mitchell, the now bestselling author, was once a struggling reader himself. That is why he is so passionate about celebrating World Read Aloud Day. Malcolm shares some fun ways families can participate in World Read Aloud Day. 

Here are some fun ways dads can celebrate reading aloud with their kids. It will build meaningful connections in a time this is so needed. Strategies for inspiring reluctant readers based on his own experience as a disengaged reader. Free and easy-to-use digital resources available for celebrating World Read Aloud Day, including a special read-aloud video message from Malcolm. Plus there is a list of 30 read-aloud titles. There are printable activity sheets and how-to craft projects inspired by beloved children’s books. There are reading materials, coupons, and shareable social media graphics. You can get a WRADvocate badge and custom virtual backgrounds for fun memories made over web conferencing services!

Malcolm On The Art Of Fatherhood Podcast 

Make sure you look out for my upcoming interview with Malcolm in the Art of Fatherhood podcast series. We talk about fatherhood, his passion for writing books and encouraging kids to read. Plus we talk about his time in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl. 

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