Dad And Daughter Pop Culture Reviews –  Our Top Five Stranger Things Characters  

Welcome back to one of my favorite series here at The Art of Fatherhood. My oldest daughter, Lily and I take a look at a topic in the world of Pop Culture and share our thoughts on it. If you missed the series you can check out one where we talk about Five Books You Should Check Out. You can read the article here! This week we are sharing our thoughts on our five favorite Stranger Things characters. Feel free to share your favorite Stranger Things characters in the comment section below. 

Lily’s Top Five Stranger Things Characters

1. Robin Buckley – When we first see her, she’s working at Scoops Ahoy, alongside Steve Harrington-and she constantly reminds him of the numerous failed attempts at getting a girl. However, she proves to be a valuable asset, decoding the message that Dustin received via his ‘Cerebro’, and buying blueprints to the mall to help find the Russians in Starcourt Mall. Robin is one of my favorite characters; she’s both smart and witty, and without Robin, Dustin and Steve would have never cracked the code.  

2. Dustin and Steve (as a duo) – One has great hair, the other ‘pearly whites’. This iconic and funny duo in Stranger Things is one of the reasons this show is perfect. From hairstyling tips to catching a demodog, Steve does it all-especially for Dustin, making him the cool mom of the year. I love watching them grow and develop through the seasons-who didn’t love “The NeverEnding Story” scene in season three? It was by far, the best part!-and can’t wait to see what season four brings for the two friends. 

3. Max and Eleven (as a duo) – At the beginning of season three, Eleven and Mike are inseparable. But when Hopper scares Mike, he puts some distance between himself and Eleven. Which introduces us to the beginning of Max and Eleven’s friendship. Max teaches Eleven crucial things, for instance, learning about Wonder Woman, the female superhero, and how to find herself, which helps both Max and Eleven grow as a character. I love this friendship-some call them ketchup and mustard-because they both help each other out. 

4. Joyce Byers – In the beginning of season one of Stranger Things, I was a bit skeptical of Joyce. That is, until episode three, her thinking process is really cool to watch throughout the seasons. She thinks outside the box, perseveres through hard times-RIP, Bob-and is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty, making her one of my favorite characters in the show.

5. Dart – When Dustin first finds Dart, he is unaware of the fact that Dart in fact is a demodog. Even though Dart escapes Dustin’s basement and joins the other demodogs, he still loves 3 Musketeers-which, in the end, is how Dustin and his friends escape the tunnels. I love the bond that Dart and Dustin have, making Dart one of my favorite characters in season two. Besides when he eats Mews. 

Art’s Top Five Stranger Things Characters

1. Steve Harrington – In the beginning of the series I thought Steve was going to be the typical 80’s too cool for school, popular guy. As the series progressed, I started rooting for Steve. When Dustin and Steve created an unexpected friendship I became an even bigger fan of Steve. Season 3 really had me laughing with the dialogue from Steve, Dustin, Erica and Robin. I really enjoyed that season. In addition I was happy to see Steve become a guy that learned it is not about being popular, but caring for others that makes you a cool person. 

2. Dustin Henderson – Out of the four guys from “The Party”, who are cool in their own right, Dustin is my favorite. He doesn’t really care what people think of him. Dustin marches to the beat of his own drum. Even though he might come off as scared nerd, Dustin is all heart. In addition he has great one liners and can steal any scene he is in. I was losing it when Dustin and Suzie sang The NeverEnding Story at the end of Season 3. 

3. Jim Hopper – This is a dad website right? So of course I had to put Hopper on this list. He starts out as a guy who really is bored with his job as the police chief in Hawkins. You can’t really blame him since Hawkins is a traditional small and quiet town. As you watch more of the series you learn about his backstory and the pain of losing a child. When he adopts Eleven, you see all of his fears come back when it comes to taking care of a child. His intentions are pure, but his execution sometimes falls flat. He cares for his town, friends and loved ones. Jim is a great dad and looks to protect the ones he cares about in his life.  

4. Robin Buckley – Robin is someone you think in the beginning is a tertiary character in the Stranger Things franchise. As the series unfolds you see that she quickly becomes crucial to the storyline. Her funny quips and awkward moments makes her fit right in with crew. My family and I really enjoyed her story and the heart she brings to the show. 

5. Erica Sinclair – “You can’t spell America without Erica.” That was one of the funniest lines in Season 3. Lucas has brains and courage, but his sister, Erica takes it to the next level. She comes into her own in Season 4 and does not back down from anyone. She is tough, smart and brave. In addition, Erica also says things that we at home watching would want to say. Stranger Things is filled with an abundance of fantastic characters. It is one reason why this show is such a success. I really enjoy all of the characters, but the five I listed are my top five! 

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  1. Murray is hands down my favorite character. The brilliant Brett Gelman plays him. He is eccentric and he steals the show in every scene.


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