These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 106 – Fatherhood Blogs That Look To Help Other Dads 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to share with you some dads who have websites that center around fatherhood. These dads blogs share fatherhood stories as well as other things that dads enjoy. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

Daddy Mojo – Looking To Make Fatherhood Blogs Fun 

Sometimes the most experienced parent can use a little mojo. That is what Trey says on his website at Daddy Mojo. On his site you can read his thoughts about parenting, children, relationships, entertainment and life. He shares stories, tips and humor about how to deal with those that call us Daddy or Mommy.  Trey Burley embraces his role as the stay at home dad. One of the cool things that Trey does is writes about comic books and literature and what ages each book is geared towards. My daughters and I love comic books and I have used some of Trey’s articles to help me pick up certain books. Check out his site at 

William Sweeney – Guy And The Blog 

William Sweeney runs Guy And The Blog website. It is a blog about fatherhood and many other topics such as travel and tech. William shares his fatherhood journey with you and talks about his thoughts parenthood. In addition, he writes about travel, food and drink, and men’s lifestyle. Check out his site over at 

Michael Sheehan – HighTechDad 

Michael Sheehan is known throughout the internet as HighTechDad. He has been writing about technology for many years. In addition he is providing product reviews of hardware and software. Plus he creates fix-its, how-to’s, and other tips and tricks articles and videos. He has been an ambassador and influencer for many brands as well. He is an avid social media pundit and somewhat “understand” parenting. Michael has three teenage daughters. He writes about fatherhood, technology, gadgets, gizmos, hardware, software, and anything geeky. 

Kwapi Vengesayi  – The New Dad 

When Kwapi found out that he and his partner were pregnant, he was beyond excited. This was something that he had dreamed of. Having children is something he has always wished and hoped for, but he always found himself waiting for the right person and the right time. And when he met his son’s mother, now his fiancé, the wait was over. This site details those first-time father jitters and the many steps and resources he discovered along the way to set he anxieties and step into fatherhood with confidence. From personal anecdotes to product reviews, he hopes this site does for you what many of the things he shares did for him, which is provide peace of mind. Learn more about Kwapi at his site over at

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