Dad Hacks That Help Make Life Easier For You And Your Family 

Here at the Art of Fatherhood I look to share all things fatherhood and help out parents. I do this through my Art of Fatherhood podcast, articles and the views on parenthood from others. In my research and conducting interviews with other dads I have come across some really cool dad hacks. I wanted to share a few of them with you in case you missed them in the podcast or articles. Feel free to share your dad hack in the comment section below. 

Refill The Diaper Bag When You Get Home – One Of The Best Dad Hacks For New Dads

This one is a must for all new dads and parents. If you want to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat then never check out the diaper bag. I experienced this ONCE. My family and I were out at museum and we didn’t have any diapers in the bag. I had to walk a few blocks just to find a place that had diapers. Since the moment I would always refill the diaper bag when I got home with the kids. This way it was top of mind and I replaced everything we used while we were out that day. 

When Are We Going? – Dad Hack For Toddlers 

This hack comes from Jen and Chris Armstrong of Solid Roots via Dave Barry. When your kid is a toddler they will ask you things every minute. Toddlers don’t have any patience. You will start to loose your patience too. When your child asks when you are leaving for a playdate or going to the park you only need to use one phrase. And that magical phrase is “Next Tuesday.” Your toddler will appreciate the answer and will probably stop asking you that question. 

Hold The Wi-Fi Ransom – Dad Hack For Tweens And Teens 

Need some chores done? Homework is not done yet? If your kids are procrastinating on the things you asked them to complete two days ago I suggest you change the Wi-Fi password. Once your kids lose the power of the internet they will search you out. You can tell them the password once they finish their homework and chores.  

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