Dad Creates TikTok Challenge In Hopes Of Having His Kids Follow His Lead 

Andrew Ryan was looking for a way to get through to his kids. If he had a nickel for every time he asked his kids to clean up their room he would be able to retire. He felt like he was talking to to a wall when he spoke to his kids about picking up after themselves. One night at dinner he was listening to his kids talk about the latest TikTok challenge. He heard them say that every kid at school was trying to get in on the latest trend. Right then and there Andrew came up with a sure-fire way to get his kids to clean up their rooms. He was going to create a TikTok room cleaning challenge. 

Andrew’s Plan For The TikTok Challenge 

Andrew knew that if he was on camera or another parent was doing the room cleaning challenge kids wouldn’t follow suit. So he reached out to his brother to see if he could have his kids clean their rooms. Andrew’s niece and nephew always kept their rooms clean so he thought they would be perfect for this challenge. Turns out it wasn’t the kids, but their cleaning service that kept the rooms clean. Andrew still asked his brother if his kids could just be in the before and after videos and send those videos to him. His brother agreed to have his kids do it. Later that week Andrew received the videos. 

Time To Put The Plan In Motion 

The next day after learning how to create a TikTok account, Andrew uploaded the videos to the account. He used the proper hashtags and felt like his plan was beginning to take shape. A few days later their rooms were still a mess. So at dinner Andrew asked his kids what the latest TikTok trend was and if they were going to do it. After his kids went through a few of them without mentioning the room cleaning challenge, Andrew was getting a bit frustrated. He waited a few more nights and asked his kids if they heard about the room cleaning challenge. They responded that it got a little bit of a buzz at school, but it was a bogus challenge so it didn’t take off. Andrew sank into his seat defeated. He thought he had a solid plan. Turns out kids don’t do every TikTok challenge they see. Now Andrew had to go back to the drawing board to find another way. He may have lost the battle, but he wanted to win the war against an unkempt bedroom. 

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