Donnell Rawlings Says His Son Is Part Of The Inspiration Behind New Netflix Special, New Day 

Donnell Rawlings has a new special out this week on Netflix, called New Day. In this special he riffs on toxic relationships, getting older, visiting New Zealand and his secret to co-parenting a young son in this stand-up special. I had a chance to preview the special and it everything you enjoy about Donnell and his comedy. He is bold. In addition, he talks about parenting. I had a chance to interview Donnell about fatherhood, his special and the relationship he has with his son. Look out for the full interview soon in the Art of Fatherhood podcast series. 

A New Day Inspired By Donnell’s Son 

During my interview with Donnell, I can see how much he cares about his son. He opens up a lot about many in terms of his fatherhood journey with me. He shares some painful experiences as well as moments of joy. Part of my chat with him, I learn that his son inspires him every day. He looks to work hard at his craft. There is one moment in the special that you can see that first hand. He even shares that his son gets inspiration from him in terms of what he wants to be when he grows up. 

What To Expect From New Day 

Donnell is unapologetic about the fact that although this is his first special filmed this past November during the New York Comedy Festival at the Hard Rock Hotel. It is was the third time Dave had him shoot it. The first taping filmed during Covid was too dated. Over the past few years, Donnell had been opening for Dave on the road and literally destroying audiences around the world and wanted to capture that same magic and now that is what exactly appears in the special. Rawlings continues to perform to sold-out crowds across the country and has been on the road opening for Dave and touring alongside his pals Chris Rock, Earthquake, Sommore, Lavell Crawford and Guy Torry and he will appear once again at the 20224 Netflix Comedy Festival in May.

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