Don’t Forget About Your Own Style

I remember when I got into my teenage years I started caring about what I was wearing. It started with having the right sneakers. Then I needed to rock the right look with matching my kicks to my shirt. Looking back on photos from high school and college I definitely had my own unique look. 

When I graduated college I got a job with a financial institution and went from baggy jeans and t-shirts in college to dress pants and button-down shirts in the real world. When I got a job in radio I was able to dress down a bit and go back to my ol’ college days. 

Then I became a dad. First I was a stay at home dad which turned into a dad that worked from home. I didn’t need to dress up at all. I was rocking t-shirts and gym shorts every day. It felt good. Working from home and wearing comfortable clothes. 

Yet my wife wasn’t too thrilled with my new uniform. She would see me dress up occasionally for church and other events. Now that I am in my forties I realized that some of my unique style has melted away from the world of being a work at home dad. 

I needed to up my fashion game. When my wife and I had those much needed date nights I wanted to dress up for her. Guys, let me just say that you will win major brownie points with your spouse when you show her that you are putting in the effort to look nice for date night! 

Not only will she appreciate it, but you will feel like you again. It may sound crazy, but we all get wrapped up in taking care of our family and forget about our own self. 

Thanks to the good folks over at I was able to dress up, but still rock my own style. From unique cufflinks to really cool ties and accessories you can look nice and show off your own personality. 

From classic looks to new and fresh designs has so much variety to choose from. They will help up your fashion game and have your spouse checking you out twice. Plus if your spouse has a tough time shopping for you point her to their website with a few gift ideas. Plus from now to November 11th use the code SHOPEARLY, to get 20% off All Ox & Bull Accessories website.

Fellow dads, you have been taking care of your family. Now it is your time to take care of yourself. Update your wardrobe with 

Please note that I worked with and was given a few items, but my thoughts are my own. 

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