DC’s BATMAN BEYOND #37 Gets A Second Printing

The Dark Knight of Neo-Gotham has returned to protect the streets, but it’s not Terry McGinness. Not even close!

The debut of a “Beyond” version of Batwoman in the pages of Batman Beyond #37 (“First Flight, Part One”) was a big hit with fans when it went on sale October 23, and DC is making sure that any readers that missed it get a second chance as the publisher announced plans to return to press for a second printing of the comic book, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Sean Chen, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor and Travis Lanham.

An amnesia-stricken Terry McGinnis walks the streets of Gotham, untraceable by Terry’s younger brother Matt, or Bruce Wayne. Since Batman hasn’t been seen for days, many of Neo-Gotham’s citizens fear him wounded or dead. Just when the city’s criminals think it’s safe to crawl out of their holes to threaten the safety of the town, a familiar figure in a black and red costume appears, dealing swift and terrible justice to these evildoers, then vanishing just as swiftly.

When reporter Jack Ryder is live at a hostage situation, he witnesses first hand this grim avenger at work, thinking for sure that Batman has returned. But on live TV it looks like the mystery behind Batman’s disappearance only deepens, when it’s revealed that this Batman is actually a Bat-woman…

And just to make things interesting, issue #37 ends with a bang, with the return of Blight, who won’t rest until he’s put an end to Bruce Wayne!

“With the increased awareness of Batwoman in the zeitgeist, it’s great to see readers respond as they have with the debut of this version of the character,” said Bob Harras, SVP and Editor-In-Chief, DC. “No matter what the era, Batman’s ‘family’ of characters are every bit as compelling as his rogues gallery, and it’ll be fun to see where Dan, Sean and the crew go from here.”

This second printing is expected to arrive in participating comic book stores on Wednesday, November 27. For more information on the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, check out the website at www.dccomics.com. 

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