Hallmark Holiday Movies That Are Dad Approved

Right around Thanksgiving women get really excited for all the upcoming Hallmark holiday movies that pop up. These movies multiply faster than a Mogwai that got wet. The plot line is pretty much plug and play for every movie. The main character either goes back home to a rural town, gets stranded in a rural town or has to plan a Christmas parade in a – you guessed it – a rural town. There is that limited edition Hallmark movie where it takes place in the big city. What about the Hallmark movie geared towards the dad demographic? Well for all those big wigs at Hallmark take note. Here are three movies that are dad approved for the Hallmark holiday movie series. Cut the check! 

Toys Assembled – The Quintessential Dad Approved Hallmark Holiday Movie 

This movie follows a dad who has the tall task during the holiday season of toy construction. From quick projects to playsets that were created in the third layer of hell in Dante’s Inferno, us dads are put under a ton of pressure to put these toys together. It is a deadly game of beat the clock before Christmas morning. Will this dad finish his holiday honey-do list in time? You will have to watch the movie to see if he is successful. I have a feeling that he won’t let his family down. 

All The Right Lights – A Christmas Story For The Ages 

When it is time to put up the holiday decorations, dads start to break out in a sweat. They fear that they will have to replace a string of lights somewhere in their house. We all get roped into the cat and mouse game of trying to solve the puzzle of which light bulb is out. We sit with the patience of a monk sitting on the floor looking for the bad lightbulb.

After that, we either give up and run to the store to pick up a few more boxes of lights or just forget that one section of the house and try again next year. In All The Right Lights, our hero looks to go on a hot streak of no damaged or loose lightbulbs. Can this dad make it all the way around the house without having to worry about a lighting malfunction? You need to check out this film that Martin Scorsese says, “Is better than those Marvel movies.” 

Staying Home For The Holidays – Relax And Avoid The Holiday Traffic 

This movie is made for the dads with young kids. Not only do you have to load the car with all the presents for your family, but you have to deal with the relatives you are staying with for the holiday as well. Add all the other items you have to bring for your kids. You need to make sure you bring the pack and play and enough diapers to last the trip. In addition you have to pack all twelve outfits that your spouse packed for each child for Christmas Day.

After that, you play Tetris with all the luggage in the trunk of your car. Next up you have to drive and compete with the other commuters traveling for the holiday. Depending on where you live you might also have to battle the elements as well. In Staying Home For The Holidays, we get to cheer on the dad who tries to convince his wife and kids to stay home! 

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    • Haha. Thank you sir!!

  1. Die Hard is great for a Christmas movie, but this dad relates more to Christmas Vacation. Still I would watch movies on Art’s list if Hallmark made them.

    • Thank you Leo! I appreciate it.

  2. The way I see it is if all of these were rolled into one movie to raise the stakes and pressure for the dads. We would be rooting for him to finish all these things…

    • Haha…I like it Jeff!


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