We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day

There are moments that take you out of your day to day routine that can make someone’s day. For me, I experienced one of those moments last week. As my kids were scrambling to get ready for school my oldest lost one of her favorite earrings down her bathroom sink drain. They were putzing around that morning. It was the week before school vacation. I don’t blame them since I remember that week before Christmas break felt like an eternity. Yet, they were taking forever to do everything. From making their lunches to eating breakfast to brushing their teeth. The snails pace ended when I heard commotion coming from their bathroom. I found out what happened and told them I will try to get the earring, but they needed to get to school. As they left I told my oldest I would do my best. 

A Plumber Just For One Day 

My schedule for the day was put on hold as I started collecting the necessary tools to hunt for the earring. I am not a plumber nor do I play one on TV, but I know a few things when it comes to light repair. I just have that fear of water leaking from whatever I touched while fixing the draining system. Still I couldn’t let my daughter down and I forged on with the project at hand. I created a proper setup to catch the water and hopefully the earring. While I was working on the earring rescue my daughter and I were texting about the earring looked like and she asked me if I got it yet. 

Making The Day For My Daughter 

After a few failed attempts of retrieving the earring I had to try something new. I got a wooden skewer from the kitchen to see if I could free the earring from wherever it was stuck on. I was able to free the earring from the drain and then I immediately texted my daughter to let her know that I found the earring. She was so happy and grateful. I was so delighted that I was able to find the earring for her. After that, I will admit I stood looking under the sink for a bit while the water was running. I wanted to make sure there weren’t any leaks. Knock on wood, there were no leaks. Let’s just hope it stays that way. 

9 thoughts on “We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day”

    • Hah. Nice Jacob. I am glad you enjoyed it and nice work on getting the dice!

  1. This is a right of passage for a dad. We have to rescue things down drainpipes and vents. Or sometimes it is scouring the car for a lost pokemon card.

    • So true Dennis. Thanks for checking out the article.

    • Hahah…I could have used a sink trap and the earring would never have went down the drain.

    • Hah. I will be right over.


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