Horror Movies For Parents 

What is your favorite scary movie? No, I am not Ghostface from Scream, but just wanted to know if you are a fan of horror movies. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of that genre, but there are few I did enjoy watching. I think your idea of what a scary movie is changes once you become a parent. Therefore I decided to make a few horror movie posters to go along with films that would make parents shriek in horror if they were put into these situations.  

Is That Poop? 

No matter the room, there is the potential danger of walking into that room and asking out loud or to yourself, Is that poop?” That danger doubles if you have pets. As you slowly walk over to the object in question you start to sweat and hope that it is a toy or something other than poop. Your findings will determine the type of day you will have. Hopefully it just looked like poop, but if you have a pet or a toddler chances are you might be cleaning up some dung. 


I can remember the first fundraiser my oldest kid had back in elementary school. It was a small and sweet fundraiser. The kids were selling chocolate bars to make enough money to go to our local zoo. I had my family and friends purchase a few. It was quick and easy. Now as my daughters are in high school and middle school it seems like these fundraisers need event planners. Some of the items are frozen breads. Others are mattresses. Yes, you read that right, mattresses. There are hoops that not only my wife and I have to go through, but the people who purchase these items have to put in the work as well. After a few of these, I just wrote a check to the school looking for nothing in return. I am not sure if schools do these crazy fundraisers so all parents do what I did or it is just dumb luck. 

Where Are Your Shoes? 

You are running late for an appointment! You are trying to get all of your kids into the car. Thankfully, you packed all the snacks in the car already. In addition to all of this your youngest is looking for their shoes. Why would they be with all the other shoes? That would be ridiculous. Asking a toddler where their shoes are at and trying to get an answer is a losing battle. You ask them to help, but they will be looking for everything other than the shoes. At this point you are wondering if going to the store to just buy a cheap pair of shoes would be easier. Then all of a sudden you find them the food pantry because that is the proper place for them. On the bright side you saved some money on not having to buy an extra pair of shoes! 

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