Movie Posters Reimagined For Parents

One of the things that I have missed this year is going to the theater to see a movie with my family. I always enjoyed seeing new movie posters when we would go to the theater. We recently saw Jurassic World at home and I had an idea for another version of that film that could be reimagined for parents. So I made a few movie posters that centers around parenthood. From horror films to dramas to action I got you covered. Which film looks the best to you? Also feel free to share your own movie title with me in the comment section! I might just make the movie posters for you!

12 Angry Kids

This intense drama centers on an unbreakable piñata. There is candy stuck in that paper mache animal. The kids are not able to bust the piñata open. After each kid gets a chance they start getting upset. How far will these children go to get their candy? You will find out in 12 Angry Kids.

Catch Me If You Can

Dad comes home from a tough day at work and a hellish commute. The playoff game is about to start. He can almost taste the beer and chips. Yet his daughter has other plans. She wants to play tag. What does the father do? Will he forget the game and play outside with his daughter? See what he decides in Catch Me If You Can.


Ever since Brian could remember he wanted to be a father. With the recent good news of finding out his wife is pregnant Brian goes to find his dad and other male role models on how they approached fatherhood. This coming of age film follows Brian’s journey all the way up to his wife’s due date.

The Grandfather

The parents are looking forward to their weekend trip to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The babysitter just cancelled. The neighbor’s kids are sick with the stomach bug. In their most desperate hour they reach out to “The Grandfather.” Legend has it that “The Grandfather” can calm a temper tantrum with a cupcake and the latest animated movie. 

Guess Who’s Not Eating Their Dinner

This horror film is not for the weak of heart. The movie centers on the darkest hour of the parent’s day, dinner time. The plate is full of chicken and healthy vegetables. As the time creeps away, Johnny’s baseball game is fast approaching. They need to get to the ball field in 20 minutes. Will Johnny eat his meal? This nail-biting thriller will keep you guessing all the way until game time.


We have all heard the expression the grass is always greener on the other side. In Small Josh is a 40-something dad that needs a break. He sees how much fun his kids have day in and day out. He tells them that they should cherish their carefree time as kids. One night Josh thinks how awesome it would be to be eight years old. Well that thought becomes a reality as he wakes up as a kid again. Now he can relive his youth and just have fun all day. Does he stay a kid forever or just a kid at heart?

Toddler Park

It was a crisp and beautiful morning. Pat took her daughter to the local park. It was just the two of them. Not another kid or parent was in sight. Then as Pat was pushing her child on the swings she heard a dreadful noise. It sounded like a bunch of little jack hammers beating up the concrete. As she turned around a horde of young toddlers started to take over the park. In fear for their lives she looks to run for cover. Yet her daughter joins the pack of toddlers as they all enjoy the park. We invite you to see what happens in this mystical place. Welcome to Toddler Park. It is an adventure three years in the making!

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  1. Wow, these reimagined movie posters for parents are absolutely hilarious and relatable! As a parent myself, I can’t help but chuckle at the spot-on depictions of the joys and challenges we face every day. Each poster captures the essence of parenthood in a witty and creative way. Kudos to the talented artists behind these masterpieces! Thanks for sharing this delightful collection, it brightened up my day. Keep up the fantastic work! Gary Ford


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