What Type Of Beer Would Prince Charming Drink?

Last week when I was grocery shopping I came across something that brought me back to when my kids were toddlers. It was the good2grow drinks. These drinks contained juice that also had the heads of Disney characters on the top of each bottle. Back in the day my kids had the ones with Tinkerbell and Cinderella. As I was reminiscing about those moments from back in the day I made it into the beer aisle. Next, I started to think about beers that could be inspired by Disney characters. Here are a few beers that I came up with. If you have an idea share it in the comment section below.

Cinder Ale-A

After a long day of searching for the mysterious beauty that came to your party, but left unexpectedly definitely calls for a nice cold beer. Why not reach for a Cinder Ale-A? It is a nice blonde ale that is refreshing, but doesn’t stick around too long to help avoid a poor aftertaste. The catch is that they only come in glass bottles and are usually gone by midnight.

Twisted Tinker Tea

A favorite during the summertime, the Twisted Tinker Tea is perfect to enjoy while building a deck or fixing things around the house. They might say that a Red Bull gives you wings, but the Twisted Tinker Tea was the original energy drink that made you feel like you could fly.

Porter Pan  

Porter Pan is made from the same brewer as Twisted Tinker Tea. This beer has a dark color to it since they use the brown barley from Neverland. The funny thing about Porter Pan is that no matter how long you leave it on the shelf, the beer never seems to age. To this day no one can explain this funky phenomenon. Watch out though, this beer has some bite to it. Don’t drink too much of it or you will find yourself doing crazy things like trying to catch your own shadow.

Buzz Light Beer

This one just recently came on the market. It has all the bells and whistles that the old beers don’t. Not only does the can look flashy, but the staff at Brewfinity & Beyond made sure that the taste was something that beer drinkers never tasted before. This new light beer has a distinctive taste that always seems to deliver. It may make you want to leave your old standby beer.

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