How To Simply Keep Your Home Safe

Once you become a parent you want to protect your family. One way you can easily keep your family safe is by setting up a home security system in your house. With different systems out there which is the one that is right for you? My family and I were recently looking at which home security system would be right for us. We decided to go with SimpliSafe. 

Simple Installation For A Safe Home 

One of the reasons we went with SimpliSafe it that we could customize a security system that would be a perfect fit in our home. Each home is made differently. With SimpliSafe you can create your own security package. You don’t have to purchase a one size fits all security unit. You and your family can deicide which alarms and cameras that will work for your house. That was a game changer for us. 

It Is All About That Base 

The name SimpliSafe is well suited for this security system. It is an easy process to get your security system set up. It begins with the Base Station. The Base Station is the brains of your system. When one sensor or camera detects danger, it sends a signal to the Base Station, which sounds the siren and notifies you immediately. If it’s unplugged or the power goes out, the 24-hour backup battery keeps you covered. With a monitoring plan, it will alert SimpliSafe and they will dispatch police if there’s ever an emergency.

There is the wireless keypad as well. You can arm your home with one touch. Plus, there’s a hidden panic button in case of an emergency. SimpliSafe has other items including sensors and cameras that can be used inside and outside. Your family can feel safe knowing that have SimpliSafe by your side. 

Who Is There? 

Always know what is happening in your front yard with the Doorbell Pro. The Doorbell Pro alerts you when someone’s at the door even if they don’t ring the bell. With a super wide field of view, you can see everything happening out front in the bright light of day or dark of night. The video is in perfectly crisp 1080p HD. And it’s designed to work with doorbells on almost any type of home. Installation is really easy. Just follow the instructions and you should be ready to use the Doorbell Pro in no time. 

So if you are looking for a great home security system you should definitely check out SimpliSafe. Above all, they will have everything you need for you and your family to feel safe day and night. Go to their website at to learn more about what home security system is the right one for you and your family. 

Please note: I teamed up with SimpliSafe for this post, but my thoughts are my own. 

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