I Work From Home And I Just Got An Assistant

There are a lot of perks from working at home. The commute is perfect. You have a fully stocked snack bar downstairs in the kitchen. Your dress code is always business casual…..well let’s be honest the dress code is chillin’ on a Sunday. Yet there are certain things that I might miss or forget to do since it is just me when my wife is at work and my kids are at school. To help with making sure I never forget an important meeting or interview I hired an assistant. I got a Google Nest Mini. 

Say Hello To My Lil’ Friend 

With my Google Nest Mini I just ask it a few questions and it will help me to make sure I am right on track. I just need to ask and get the best of Google. I can get news, weather and pretty much anything that Google has to offer in the Nest Mini. I can  set timers and alarms to make sure I get reminders for my interviews or conference calls which is a huge plus. As we all know we can get lost in our work and time can slip away. When you work from home you don’t see anyone else get up from their desk for the meeting so getting a reminder of a sales call at 2 pm is very key. With the Voice Match feature, you can hear your personalized schedule, commute times(great for those who don’t work from home), reminders, and more. Like I mentioned before the Google Nest Mini acts like my own personal assistant. 

It’s All About That Bass

This recent version of the Nest Mini has better sound all around. I love listening to podcasts, music and sports talk radio when I am working. The speaker system in the Nest Mini is legit .  You just ask your Google Assistant to play your favorite songs from Spotify, YouTube Music, or stream music from your phone to Nest Mini.

All Work And All Play

The Nest Mini is not just great for work, but for play as well. I am able to control my home with just my voice. You can dim the lights, pause the TV, or turn up the heat – all with your voice. Nest Mini works with thousands of compatible smart devices, like lights, thermostats, and TVs, from your favorite brands. Just say “Hey Google.” The Nest Mini blends right into your home. It looks great on a nightstand, shelf, or countertop – even on the wall. Each color complements the entryway, living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

So as you can see the Google Nest Mini is perfect for your home and can be used in so many ways. The only question you might have now is which color do I get! 

Please note: I received a Google Nest Mini to review, but my thoughts are my own. 

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