Is The Galactic Starcruiser The Star Wars Adventure Vacation You Are Looking For? 

This past week I was invited by Disney to go check out the latest Star Wars attraction at Disney World called The Galactic Starcruiser. Along with myself there were journalists from outlets like CNN, Good Morning America and from local Orlando news stations. There were bloggers, vloggers and well known TikTok personalities that were along for the ride too. There were even some well known Star Wars personalities like Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka Tano in the Clone Wars animated series. In this review I am going share my thoughts and experiences about this Star Wars adventure. 

The Big Wampa In The Room

Before I share my experience, let’s talk about the big Wampa that is in the room. Many people asked me if it was worth the price tag. For those that don’t know the cost for the two-night stay is $4,809 for two guests, $5,299 for three guests or $5,999 for four guests. This includes mostly everything except specialty and alcoholic beverages and souvenirs. I hope my review can help you decide if you want to travel to a galaxy far, far away. 

Preparing To Launch Into The Star Wars Universe On The Galactic Starcruiser 

As a lifelong Star Wars fan I was beyond excited to get the invite to board the Halcyon Starcruiser. I read on the Star Wars website that dressing up was encouraged so I brought some Jedi robes with me on the voyage. Not only was I going to be on the Halcyon, but there would be a pit stop on Batuu that is located in the Galaxy’s Edge section of Hollywood Studios. Plus, with the trip you get the lightning lane pass for the Smuggler’s Run and The Rise of the Resistance rides which can have lines up to three to four hours long. Therefore to me that was a huge bonus when it comes to this vacation package. 

Jumping Into Lightspeed

You arrive at the Galactic Starcruiser location and get checked in. After that, you are given a “datapad” which is an iPhone to help you take part in the Star Wars adventure. You along with others watch a safety and informational video and then board the Halcyon. Just like my first trip to Galaxy’s Edge back in 2019, I immediately felt like I was transported into the Star Wars universe. I couldn’t wait to check out the whole ship, but I first wanted to go to my room. 

Your Star Wars Room Awaits 

When I got to my room, I used my Disney Galactic Starcruiser band to enter my room. You walk down a small hallway to get to your main part of the cabin. On the left near the entry door is your bathroom and shower. There is one large bed and two bunk beds. There is even a foldaway bed perfect of a kid under the TV monitor that has a space map screen saver to show you where the Halcyon is located in the galaxy. In addition you can watch TV on that monitor as well. 

Where a window would be for any normal hotel room is now replaced with a monitor that displays scenes from the Star Wars galaxy. From time to time you might be in an asteroid field, seeing the ship under attack from T.I.E. Fighters, different Star Wars planets or going through hyperspace. The room keeps you feeling like you are immersed into the Star Wars universe. You can shut down the screen at night or keep it up to make it one heck of a night light. 

A Helpful Droid

One cool feature is D3-09. This droid is your personal assistant and interacts with you during your trip. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart you enjoy chatting with her. There is an orange light that flashes on the control display when she has a new message for you. Overall the room is the size of the basic Disney room you would get at any resort. The aesthetics of the room make it more appealing, but you are getting the same size of a room that you would get at another resort at Disney. 

A Call To Action 

Once everyone settles in you are all asked to meet up in the common space on the Halcyon. Captain Riyola Keevan welcomes everyone. This is where you are invited to take part in the adventure. Many know it as live action role playing. As both Captain Keevan and Cruise Director Lenka Mok talk about the different activities, the First Order, led by Lt. Harman Croy comes onto the ship. He is flanked by Stormtroopers and says that there has been some interaction with the Halcyon and members of the Resistance. 

This Is Where The Fun Begins

Things don’t get out of hand, just yet. The Halcyon crew and the First Order play nice, but there is some tension. After that plays out you can explore the ship and start playing in on the adventure. You can help out the Resistance, First Order or even smugglers. If you are not into live action role playing you can just chill and take part in a game of Sabacc, go to the bar for some Star Wars planet themed drinks or even learn how to use a lightsaber. I would say that if you are not going to take part in the live action role playing part, the cost of your stay is not worth it. There are a few levels of starcruiser that you can go on. You might get bored if you are just hanging out and not participating in the story. 

Living That Star Wars Life 

The food, music and performances all feel like they are taken right out of a Star Wars movie or book. The storytelling team at LucasFilm along with the Disney Imagineers made sure of that. At dinner you are treated to a performance from Gaya. She is very entertaining and it seems like something the people of Coruscant would see during a night on the town. I was dressed in my Jedi robes and the staff would ask me questions. They wanted to know if I was on the light side or the dark side. The staff are great at remembering everyone’s name and needs during your adventure. 

As you continue to follow on your mission using your datapad you will see some familiar Star Wars characters. The more you interact the more you become part of the story. As the first night concludes you get ready to land on Batuu the next day to explore and carry out your mission. 

On Batuu 

There are “transports” that take you from the Halcyon to Batuu. I was wondering how Disney was going to take me and the rest of the passengers to from the location off the ship to Galaxy’s Edge. They created a truck style transport that has no windows and makes you feel like you are still in the Star Wars universe. The hatch doors open and you are on Batuu. The architecture has that Star Wars feel to it. It seamlessly takes you into Batuu. This vacation is almost like when you go to Vegas. The concept of time and day are thrown out. You can go outside of Batuu and go back into the “real world” and enjoy all of Hollywood Studios. I did not. I wanted to still keep that feeling of being part of a Star Wars movie. 

Just like on the Halcyon you are able to complete missions and tasks depending on what side you are working for on your adventure in Batuu. I was helping out the Resistance so I was hacking, scanning and completing tasks for Rey, Finn, Poe, Captain Keevan and Lenka Mok. When you go on both rides in Batuu, Smuggler’s Run and The Rise of the Resistance you also complete parts of your mission. You even go into Oga’s Cantina to speak with a bartender to get codes to scan and other info to help your mission. 

Back On The Starcruiser 

After my time on Batuu I got back on the Halcyon and tensions between the First Order and the Halcyon crew escalated. Even while I was helping out the Resistance I was still able to do some lightsaber training and enjoy a dinner and show. Even though the dinner and another Gaya performance was interrupted by the First Order I had a blast. I needed to do a few more things to help out the Resistance after dinner. 

There is an “alert” that tells us that everyone is needed on the main part of the ship. This is where the story concludes. I don’t want to say anymore for those reading this to spoil it for you. If you are searching anything related to the Galactic Starcruiser online or social media I have seen some videos that spoil the ending. So just be aware of that. 

Is The Galactic Starcruiser The Star Wars Adventure Vacation You Are Looking For? 

Is it worth the cost of the trip? This trip is expensive. When you see the price tag and feel it is too expensive than you already answered that question for yourself. You don’t need me who is a Star Wars fan and got to experience it for free to tell you what to do. I wanted to share my thoughts and experience to you. 

With food, lodging, activities, a Hollywood Studios park ticket and lightning lane passes for Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance have to be thought about as part of the price for this Star Wars adventure. Ultimately it comes down to you and your family’s budget. If you and your family or friends are Star Wars fans and are looking for an immersive vacation into the Star Wars universe, this is the trip you are looking for. If you have some friends who are crazy for Star Wars just like yourself, this is something you want to check out. This could be a fun guys or gals trip. 

It Is Your Decision

I hope my thoughts help you make your own decision. I did feel like I was part of the Star Wars universe when I was aboard the Halcyon. In conclusion, this trip is for people of all ages. The actors who play their roles on the ship make you feel included. They do a wonderful job of keeping in character. My best advice to you is to talk with your family or friends about this trip. Talk to them to see if you all can afford it. In addition, if you love going to Star Wars Celebration or comic cons and wanted more this might be the trip right for you. Obi-Wan once said to Luke to trust his feelings. You need to do the same when you decide if this trip is right for you. I hope this helps and as always, may the Force be with you. 

Other Info

Please note: Disney invited me to review the Galactic Starcruiser in Disney World. My trip and stay was paid by Disney, but my thoughts are my own. 

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  1. This was right up your alley. I know you are a Star Wars fan and it must have been a dream come true. Thanks for sharing your honest view of the new Disney hotel.

  2. I was curious about this as a vacation for my family. Three out of five of us are star wars fans. Do you think the other two would have a good time?

    • Good question Tim. I would say that you have all be on the same page on your family vacation. Everyone in your family should want to be there. You don’t have to be Star Wars fans to enjoy it, but at that price point you might want to make sure you pick a vacation that the whole family will love.

  3. My kids would absolutely love this. Is it kid friendly? I know if it is Disney it should be, but do the kids have things to do as well? What about the food? Is there kid friendly foods?

    • Great question Janice. The staff are very kid and family friendly. The food might look a bit different, but they do have things that your kids or picky eaters will enjoy.

  4. I enjoyed your review. There were a few reviews that looked to have spoilers, but yours did not. I want to thank you for that. My family and I are going later this year and want to be surprised.

  5. Looks like you had a great adventure. Thanks for sharing the video of going to the Halcyon to Batuu. I was curious to see how they would do that.

    • It was really cool. I was very thankful to check it out. Disney did a great job of making you feel that you were in the Star Wars universe.


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