Learn How You Can Have LeVar Burton To Read At Your Kid’s School

When you think of encouraging kids to read, the first person that pops into many minds is LeVar Burton. I remember watching LeVar on Reading Rainbow talk about the power of reading. He would take us on many adventures and share some books that we should check out. My wife and I passed on the importance reading to our daughters. They love to read and make their own stories. I love when they share their favorite books with us and share the stories that they created. Another company that encourages kids to read is Tonies.  I spoke with Drew Vernon, who is the Marketing Director of Tonies about fatherhood and the cool new things that are happening at Tonies.

Tonies was created by Patric Fassbender and Marcus Stahl. The reason for their creation was  for one reason, their kids. Patrick and Marcus feel that childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures and lovable memories. They wanted to create a way for kids to experience storytelling in a digital age, that stimulates their imagination and creativity in ways that a screen can’t. They made the Toniebox for kids and parents who want to feel good about their entertainment at home and to bring back imagination in its purest form. Tonies is an immersive, wondrous experience you can feel good about, but more importantly a community you can be part of now and for many years to come.

How To Enter To Win To Have LeVar Burton Read At Your Kid’s School 

Just think how cool you would be in your kid’s eyes if you had the one and only LeVar Burton come to their school? You would win some epic parent points. So how do you enter for your chance to have LeVar come to your kids’s school? I got the details. Tonies is asking you to participate in their #ReadToYourChild Challenge. 

You need to go to the Tonies’ Instagram page. Your child will win a special visit by LeVar to your child’s school for an in-person reading and 25 Toniebox Starter Sets for your school’s library or classrooms. All you have to do to enter the Tonies Contest is record a video of you and your kids reading one of your favorite stories together. Then share it on social media.

More Details On The #ReadToYourChild Challenge 

Make sure you follow these steps as you enter the #ReadToYourChild Challenge. First, follow @tonies.us and @levar.burton on Instagram. Next, challenge a friend by copying and pasting this sentence in your post with their tag: “I challenge (Insert friend’s handle) to join the #ReadToYourChild Challenge for a chance to win a special LeVar Burton Storytime Visit and Toniebox Starter Sets for their school! #ToniesContest. Lastly, tag @tonies.us and @levar.burton when you post your video so both Tonies and LeVar can see you entering the contest. 

This contest ends August 10th, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. The winner will receive a story time visit to their child’s school by LeVar Burton (to be scheduled with him on a mutually convenient date during the 2021-2022 school year) as well as a donation to the school of 25 Toniebox Starter Sets. For the entire rules to the contest click here. Also make sure you look out for the Special Edition Tonie Coming Soon. One of their first features with their new ambassador is the release of LeVar’s special edition Tonie, featuring him reading his children’s book The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm. This Tonie is coming out September 9th.

Please note: I teamed up with Tonies for this sponsored post, but my thoughts are my own. 

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    • Same here Jake. I remember watching that show too. So happy to see that Tonies is working with LeVar Burton. Both of them have a passion for reading with kids.

  1. Reading Rainbow is a show that I watched as a kid too. I am going to show my wife and kids this contest. She has an instagram account.


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