Looking For Good Reads For Your Kids DC Comics Has You Covered

Stuck at home? Now’s a perfect time to introduce kids to graphic novels from DC Comics and some of your favorite DC characters.

From the Superman comics during World War II that defeated Hitler, to the Superman radio show that changed public opinion of the KKK, to the surge in superhero popularity today, superheroes have a long history of instilling hope in times of unrest, especially for kids.

DC’s new middle grade graphic novels offer stories told by some of the most successful authors in the kids’ publishing space like Shannon HaleMeg CabotRidley PearsonMinh LêMichael Northrop and more. The titles are standalone stories, not part of DC’s ongoing continuity, and completely accessible to new readers who have no previous knowledge of DC characters.

DC Comics Girl Power Reads from Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries), Shannon Hale (Real FriendsBest Friends), Matthew Cody (Powerless) and Kate Karyus Quinn & Demitria Lunetta

Superhero reads from Minh Lê (Drawn Together), Michael Northrop (Tombquest), Ridley Pearson (Kingdom Keepers) and Art & Franco (Super Pets, Tiny Titans)

For fans of humor &  journal-format reads like Diary of a Wimpy Kid:

Minh Lê Talks Fatherhood, Green Lantern’s Legacy & More

Minh Lê Talks Fatherhood, Green Lantern’s Legacy & More

For more DC Comics news, check out my interview with Minh Lê about his Green Lantern book and fatherhood.

Minh Lê sits down with me to chat about his latest book, Green Lantern: Legacy. Minh shares with me how he was able to use his family’s history and grandmother as key parts for Green Lantern: Legacy. Lê talks about how excited his two sons are for him to write a DC Comics graphic novel and his plan to keep on writing books for his sons. 

Minh and I talk about fatherhood and the values he looks to instill into his sons. We finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five

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