One Thing You Can Do To Make It Safe For Your Kid Going Off To College

For parents, when it comes to safety we tend to think about how we used to baby-proof the house when our kids started walking. You had to add door locks and put up gates to make sure that our toddlers were safe. What about when your kid goes off to college or goes to live on their own? How do we help make it safe for a new chapter in their life? One way you can do that is by giving your kid the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray. 

How SABRE Can Make It Safe for Your Family 

We want to make sure that when our kids leave the nest and go off to college we have prepared them well enough to take on the world. We get the mini-fridge, meal plan, money for books and supplies, but there is one thing you need to equip your kid with and that is the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray. The SABRE Smart Pepper spray was created with everyone’s personal safety in mind. It combines the market-leading pepper spray with a Bluetooth technology to be paired with the SABRE Personal Safety app, providing GPS tracking, and 3rd party monitoring.

We tell our kids to hang out in groups because there is strength in numbers, but in life there will be times when they will be alone. It could be after a late class or coming home from work where your child will be alone. Even though you talked to them about ways to be safe, you want to make sure they are safe. The SABRE Smart Pepper spray not only helps protect your child, but it will alert you if the spray is deployed and will provide their location. This will give you some peace of mind knowing that if a situation arrives where your child could be in danger you will know about it that instant. You will receive free texts with location map links sent to contacts when the spray is deployed and continuously updates using GPS tracking until your child is safe. Professional monitoring available with a paid subscription.

More From SABRE

In addition to knowing if your child uses their SABRE Smart Pepper spray there are other attributes that you should be aware of when it comes to this device. The spray is SABRE’s maximum strength formula.  It has a 10-Foot range that provides safety at a distance. You get 25 bursts for protection against multiple threats with an ergonomic finger grip and has a flip top safety. In addtion, you can even use the practice spray to develop muscle memory and is easy to refill and rechargeable. You can even go over the training videos together before they go off to college.  Give your child the gift of personal safety this holiday with the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray by going to Amazon.

Other Ways SABRE Makes It Safe 

As a family-owned and operated business with more than 45 years of experience in the personal safety space. SABRE has a long-standing reputation for providing reliable, easy-to-use personal safety solutions. These solutions help put more distance between the user and multiple threats.

SABRE offers a variety of personal safety products. From pepper sprays and gels, bear and dog sprays, and home security devices, all of which include innovative features. They are all guaranteed and designed with your safety in mind. SABRE products perform at the highest level at a moment’s notice. They help provide safety and peace of mind no matter where the day takes you. For more information go to their website HERE . To pick up the SABRE Smart Pepper spray on their Amazon page HERE. 

Please note: I teamed up with SABRE for this post and campaign, but my thoughts are my own. 

24 thoughts on “One Thing You Can Do To Make It Safe For Your Kid Going Off To College”

  1. Never thought about giving my daughter pepper spray when she goes off to college. Thanks for writing this. Looks like this brand put together a solid product. Thanks Art.

  2. You raise a lot of great points Art. I agree that when you become a dad we have safety on the brain. As they get older you think they can take care of themselves. Granted we need to teach them lifeskills but giving them something like pepper spray will help when they are on their own.

  3. We got our twins pepper spray when hey went off to college. They never needed to use it, but it is great to know they had something in case they were in danger. This smart pepper spray sounds fantastic.

  4. My wife loves to run and checking out the Sabre site I learned that they have products that will be perfect for her. It will also give me peace of mind that she has it when she runs.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Art. We get caught up in buying things for the dorm, but in two years when we are buying things for our daughter as she goes off to college this is one of the items I will purchase.

  6. Seems like something I should check out for my family. It is good to see you can practice with it to make sure you are correctly using it.

  7. I think that sells it for me is the GPS feature. If your child is in danger and going to college that is not close to home this will give me and my wife peace of mind.

  8. I heard you talking about this on the Ernie Hudson interview, which I really enjoyed by the way. So I checked out your site to see learn more about it. Sabre seems like a great company that looks to put family safety first.

  9. Really interesting article. Makes me think about when our daughters go off to college in a few years. We will look into purchasing some pepper spray.


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