Scented Candles That Are Dad Approved

It is amazing how many different candle scents there are in this world. There are scents like welcome home, ocean air and midnight breeze. What about candle scents that are dad approved? I created a few of candles that you can check out below. What scent would you make that would be dad approved? 

Serenity Now Candles That Are Lloyd Braun Approved 

We all have those moments as a parent where we just need a break. This is especially the case when you are a parent of a toddler. From helping them use the potty to the endless “why” questions there are moments in each day that you need to relax. So why not use the Serenity Now candle to create an inner peace for you when you are stressed out. The problem is that after that brief moment of zen you have to go back to your day of wiping butts and explaining why the sky is blue to your kid. That is where the insanity later candle comes in. You use that one to help calm everyone in the house so no one flips out!

Fresh Cut Football Field 

This candle will be the number one seller in my opinion. Even after the football season ends you can still feel like you are at the stadium with this candle. For a dad one of the best smells in the world is fresh cut grass. As you take in that glorious scent you think about all the hard work you put into your lawn. So not only does it make you think about football, but you tend to remind yourself about how great your lawn looks after a fresh cut. 

Nacho Average Candles 

Tortilla Chips. Guacamole. Pico de gallo. Shredded lettuce. Cheese. Grilled corn. Fresh jalapeño slices. Red onions. Cubed steak. Shredded chicken. When you put these foods together you create culinary magic. Nachos is one of the best inventions since sliced bread. So the only logical next step is to create a candle scent. You are welcome. 

Tennesse Whiskey Vibes 

This candle is hand crafted for those whiskey enthusiasts. Now the wax might not be barrel aged, but the scent will give off that vibe. So if you enjoy the scents of toasted oak, caramel, and vanilla this candle is right up your alley. In addition, you might even hear that song in your mind as you take in the smell of the Tennesse Whiskey candle. 

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