Collector of The Week – A Unique Sports Memorabilia Collection

A new week means a new post for Collector of the Week here at The Art of Fatherhood. As a fellow geek and collector of all things Pop Culture I wanted to showcase some cool collections that dads share in our community. We love to see this passion in what people collect. We talk about the latest movies, sports memorabilia, cards, comic books and video games that we are enjoying at the moment.

This Week’s Collector – A Unique Sports Memorabilia Collection

This week’s collector is from Pete Croatto. Pete Pete Croatto’s writing has appeared in many outlets, including The New York TimesColumbia Journalism ReviewRolling Stone, and more. He lives just outside Ithaca, New York, with his wife, daughter, and a basketball hoop in the driveway. Last month he release his first book called, From Hang Time to Prime Time. You can pick up his book HERE! From his collection and story telling I know his book is a must read. Follow him on Twitter at @PeteCroatto.

I suppose you could say that I collect sports memorabilia. But I like to go for stuff that most sports collectors don’t gravitate toward such as signed jerseys, balls, and photos. Besides, I don’t have the space or the cash. I gravitate toward items that are odd, unusual, or tickle me. Just about all of these items I picked up from flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. My brother, Dave, is an avid, big-time toy collector and trader. (You should talk to him next.) He frequently sends me oddities, like the Ron Harper and Jason Kidd Starting Lineups. The Jerry Seinfeld bobblehead was a Christmas gift from him.

More On His Collection 

I don’t have a set agenda or a wish list, save for the Seinfeld bobblehead. I browse and buy. The Willis Reed nesting doll I got at a since closed thrift store in South River, NJ. The hats are remainders from my childhood. The Apollo Creed bobblehead I bought for $5 at a flea market in Pennsylvania. The Lakers trash can was $40 at a California antique store, though it cost me twice to mail it home to the wilds of New York.  I made up for it by buying the kick-ass framed program cover for, like, $5. I’m looking at two antique baseball player bookends on my desk that I bought for $12. It all evens out. 

Whatcha Got? 

It can be comic books, bottle caps, records, helmets or whatever you are into! I want to see what your passion is and why you started up that collection. For me, I believe that in each collection lies a better story. I want to share your story! Feel free to reach out to me and share your collection.  If you enjoyed this post check out another Collector of the Week article.

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