These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 191 – Great Dad And Son Duos In Sports  

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am showcasing a few dad and son duos in sports. These dad and son combos have made a name for themselves in the sporting world. It is a remarkable feat to do in pro sports. In addition, if there are any other dads that you … Read more

Jeff and Tim Kurkjian Talk Fatherhood, New Podcast, Is This A Great Game, Or What? & More 

Jeff and Tim Kurkjian sit down with me to talk about fatherhood and family. It is great to hear the strong bond and mutual respect they have for each other. They share memories of when Jeff was a kid to know when Jeff became a dad. After that we talk about their new podcast, Is … Read more

Karl Ravech Talks Fatherhood, Baseball, Working At ESPN & More 

Karl Ravech sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. Karl and I talk about the values that he looks to instill into his kids. In addition, Karl shares what his kids have taught him. Plus, he gives a great MLB type of term on dads who are not pulling their weight around … Read more

Top Ten MLB Uniforms Of All Time 

Earlier this year I watched a bit of the World Baseball Classic after a friend told how much fun the games were. Some of the teams uniforms were legit and it got me thinking about the best MLB uniforms of all time. Here is my list of the top ten baseball jerseys of all time. … Read more

Joe Posnanski Talks Fatherhood, New Book, Why We Love Baseball, Taylor Swift & More  

Joe Posnanski stops by again to talk about fatherhood, his new book, Why We Love Baseball and Taylor Swift. We talk about how Joe was able to get Taylor Swift tickets. After that we chat about some of the things that are different from the time we were growing up to now as our kids grow … Read more

Kenny Albert Talks Fatherhood, Broadcasting, His New Book & More 

Kenny Albert was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. We talk about values he looks to instill into his kids. After that we move on to talk about his new book, A Mic for All Seasons. Kenny shares the inspiration of his book and the stories he shares … Read more