Son Challenges Dad In A Wordle Challenge To See Who Has To Do Chores 

Bryan Cullins was challenged by his son, Aaron to a Wordle competition. It all started one Saturday morning when Aaron didn’t want to do some of his chores. Bryan told his son that in their house they all need to pitch in. He did use the old standby line of, “You would be done with your chores by now if you weren’t using that time to complain about them.” Bryan told me that his son, surprised him with a logical retort. His son said, “Dad you always tell me to use my head and think about how to solve a problem right?” Bryan slowly agrees. With a wry smile, Aaron said, “Good to hear that dad. I have a challenge for you?” 

The Wordle Challenge Begins 

Bryan was intrigued by what was up his son’s sleeve. Aaron offered up a challenge that is close to his dad’s heart. His son knows how much his dad loves Wordle. Therefore, Aaron bet his dad he could score better in a Wordle than his dad for a week. The loser has to do the other person’s chores. With a raised eyebrow, Bryan asked him what chores of his would his son do? His son said he would do all the cooking, laundry and food shopping. After a few moments of pondering, Bryan accepted his son’s challenge. Bryan did feel like he had an advantage since he plays Wordle all the time, but was cautious to not count his chickens before they hatch. 

The Winner Is….

The other family members would check the white board in the kitchen to see who was leading in the Cullins Wordle Challenge. It was neck and neck for most of the week. Bryan was starting to get a bit nervous. His family was almost reveling in the thought of him doing his son’s chores for a week. As Friday approached, the Wordle Challenge was coming to an end. In a twist of fate Bryan ended up victorious. The word for that day was CHORE. Bryan felt he won in so many ways. Nice work Bryan. You have dads all over the world applauding your victory. 

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