Duff Goldman Talks Fatherhood, Spring Baking Championship, Creativity & More  

Duff Goldman stops by to talk about his fatherhood journey. We talk about the values he looks to instill into his daughter as she grows up. In addition, he shares what his daughter has taught him about life. After that we talk about the Spring Baking Championship on Food Network. Duff also talks about creativity, … Read more

One Way You Can Help Your Child Prepare For The Future 

Letting go is really hard for a parent. When you become a parent, your baby needs you in every way. You help them to sleep. When they are hungry, you feed them. You are there to hold their hand when they start to walk. There are certain things parents are very excited to leave behind, … Read more

Jeff Fajans Talks Fatherhood, Music, Creativity And More

Jeff Fajans was able to share his thoughts on fatherhood with me. We talk about his fatherhood journey and the values he looks to instill into his kids. After that we talk about the significance of encouraging creativity with your kids. In addition we talk about his music and why his music was nicknamed, Beastie … Read more

Art of Fatherhood Podcast – Jesse Terry Talks Fatherhood, New Album And More

Jesse Terry talks to me about his fatherhood journey and some of the similarities that Jesse and I have as dads. We talk about the “attention box” that he and his wife, Jess use for their daughter Lily. It is pretty cool and I think parents of young kids can benefit from it. The discussion … Read more

Encouraging Creativity In Your Kids

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein One of the biggest ways you can help your children succeed in life is to encourage their creativity. My wife and I want our daughters to not only learn, but use their imagination in all aspects of their life. Over … Read more