One Way You Can Help Your Child Prepare For The Future 

Letting go is really hard for a parent. When you become a parent, your baby needs you in every way. You help them to sleep. When they are hungry, you feed them. You are there to hold their hand when they start to walk. There are certain things parents are very excited to leave behind, like changing diapers. On the flip side there are times when we, as parents, struggle to let our kids do something on their own. You want to be there for them, but you need to let them learn how to problem solve so they can make it on their own once they leave the nest in the future. One way you can do that is to encourage their creativity. 

Creativity Is A Great Building Block For The Future 

From the time my daughters were toddlers to now as teenagers, I would marvel at the different stories, forts, drawings, dinners and other projects they would work on. They used their minds to either write a story or make my wife and I themed dinners. My daughters were able to picture something in their minds and then plan it out. After they gathered the materials they needed, they started to create something unique and fun for the whole family to experience. 

Years ago when they were into LEGO sets, we made a few short stop motion movies. We used our tablets and shot different scenes. They were the directors and I helped with moving the LEGO figures and sets. We had such a fun time together making movies and memories. At that time I was just looking at it from a micro-level. Now, I see that my wife and I were encouraging their creativity. We have seen their imagination help them in school, sports and other parts of their lives. As a parent it is such a joy to watch your kids grow up. 

The Path They Choose For The Future 

No matter what career my kids choose for themselves, I really hope that they keep on using their creativity. It will help them be able to solve problems that they face in life. You want your kids to explore their creativity, but in a safe way. One way you can let your kids work on that is through the Kinzoo app. Like me, Kinzoo believes that every kid has a story to tell. Therefore they created the Kinzoo Studio, which helps kids unleash their storytelling potential. With Kinzoo Studio, kids can create their own characters, animate their stories and share them with family and friends. I love this feature that Kinzoo has on their app. It is a fun and safe way for kids to embrace their creativity. I highly suggest parents check out Kinzoo not only for their Studio feature, but the other features as well. To learn more, go to 

Please note: I am working with Kinzoo on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own. 

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