The Boss Is Back – Check Out The New Season of Boss Baby

When Boss Baby is summoned to the Board of Directors for what could only be the culmination of his corporate journey – to finally be named CEO – he’s instead fired and dragged back down to earth when he’s blamed for every bad thing that’s ever happened to Baby Corp. Now surrounded by regular babies (gross!), Boss Baby must get his mojo back and assemble a new field team in order to return to the top of the corporate ladder. The show stars JP Karliak, Pierce Gagnon,Kevin Michael RichardsonA,lex Cazares, Flula Borg and a bunch of other great actors.

Boss Baby Has A Ton Of Family Fun

If you are looking for some funny and comedic family friendly shows then make sure you check out this series on Netflix. You and your family will enjoy all of the seasons on Netflix. It is a great way to stay inside and spend quality time with the family.

More Entertainment On Fatherhood

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