The Dademy Awards 

This month marks the 95th Academy Awards. People will look to see who wins Best Picture, Best Screenplay and a host of other awards. If you are a fan of Oscars you know that other recent award shows give you a glimpse on who are predicted to win. In addition, there will be upsets. Yet, there is one award ceremony that will happen this month as well. It is the Dademy awards. These prestigious awards will be given to dads who definitely deserve to be recognized. So without further ado, here are some of the winners! There will be more awards given out in the future. So look out for those Dademy Award winners. 

And The Dademy Awards Goes To….

The Legacy Award  

This Dademy Award goes to Harry Douglas. Harry is a former NFL player and now ESPN Radio host. I spoke with him a few weeks ago about his fatherhood journey. His namesake has been passed down from generation to generation. He is Harry Douglas IV. His son is Harry Douglas V. As someone who is the III, I appreciate Harry’s respect for carrying on the legacy of the family name. During our chat he told me why his family’s name is important and how much that name means to the Douglas family legacy. Congrats on your award Harry! 

Sharing The Moment Award 

This award goes to Jon Finkel. Not only does he encourage his kids to take care of themselves by working out, but Jon will take his kids on different work adventures. Recently, Jon took his daughter with him on a fact finding trip for his Macho Man Randy Savage book he is working on. The two had a nice road trip talking about his book, doing research and many other topics along the way. Not only did they have a memorable trip, but Jon shares his experience with other dads to inspire them to do the same. 

The Security Blanket Award 

Danny Trejo seemed to always get the bad guy role in movies and TV shows. For those who are close to him, know that he is a very caring person. When I spoke to Danny on the Art of Fatherhood podcast, he shared that parents need to show their kids that they are always there for them. I responded, “Dads are the best security blankets.”  That made Danny chuckle and also agree with me. He liked that idea and said that he would use that in the future. So he wins this Dademy Award.

Walk 500 Miles Award 

Creed Anthony is a very caring father. In addition, he is a fantastic teacher. You should check out his fatherhood site here. For Creed, he was a solid lock to win the Walk 500 Miles Award. He is a dedicated father who travels to different states for his kids sporting events. He enjoys the time on the road with his kids. Plus he even chaperones field trips to different states for his school. I can even bet he has a great travel playlist when he gets back on the road again! 

More Dademy Awards 

Follow Their Own Path Award 

Adnan Virk is a dad, podcast host, movie lover and works over at the MLB and NHL Network. If you are fan of movies, you should check out his movie podcast, Cinephile. When he and I were talking about fatherhood, he shared with me that kids should have their own interests. In addition he told me that parents should take an interest in their kid’s hobbies. It is a great way to bond with your kids. I really appreciate that piece of advice and hope parents follow Adnan’s lead. 

Supporting All Dads Award 

Christopher Lewis is one of the OG dad bloggers. He runs a few fatherhood websites and podcasts. He looks to include all dads on his podcasts and websites. Chris wants to make sure every dad feels welcome in the different dad groups that he is part of on social media. Chris is a great dad and wants to make sure we build each other up in these fatherhood groups. 

Finding Humor In All Places Award 

Mitch Chaitin is another OG dad blogger. Whether you are following him on social media or checking out his website he will put a smile on your face. He loves to share dad jokes as well as all types of memes that will make you laugh. Mitch is a great guy and if you are looking for something to make you laugh, you should follow him on social media with all the funny memes and jokes that he shares each day. 

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