The 2023 Dadden Ratings – Top Ten Dads 

This time each year a lot of people are waiting with bated breath to see the rankings of the NFL players for the Madden video game. Right before the NFL season starts EA Sports releases their annual Madden football video game. It is not just fans of the NFL and video game series talking about the ratings, but the NFL players chime in to share their thoughts of the ranking system. What seems to get lost in the mix is the Dadden Ratings. So I thought that I needed to create the Top Ten Dads list for the first Dadden Ratings. 

Dadden Ratings – Top Ten 

1. Creed Anthony – Creed is a fantastic dad. From taking his kids to different sporting events to grilling some great meals Creed can wear the Number 1 Dad hat without any reservation. 

2. Jon Finkel – Not only did Jon write a few books on fatherhood, you can find him working out with his kids or going for a hike with his family. He even praises his kids on some epic Twitter threads. 

3. Mitch Chaitin – Mitch is one of the OG Dad Bloggers. If you don’t follow him on social media you are missing out. He talks about fatherhood over at his site and he even hangs out with celebs for some cool events. 

4. Darren W. Carter – Darren is a fantastic dad and shows how important it is to follow your passions. Darren loves to grill! He and his wife set up up a food business called Carter’s BBQ. If you are near his food truck make a pit stop to eat some of the best food around! 

5. Christopher Lewis – Another OG Dad Blogger, Chris has a podcast that celebrates fatherhood and looks to raise awareness on dads doing great work in this space. Make sure you follow him and check out his podcast. 

Dad List Continues 

6. Victor Aragon – Victor and his kids share a common bond for all things geek. He and his fellow dad blogger Gil run a site called FanDads. He also runs marathons to raise money for kids at St. Jude! What a great way to teach his kids to pay it forward. 

7. Greg Washington – One of the best dads around is Greg Washington. He looks to include everyone. He runs a few livestream channels. One of them called Lag, Libations and Lost Saves is where he puts the spotlight on his kid’s love of gaming. 

8. Clinton Kelly – Clinton is an outstanding dad. He runs an Instagram account called Fatherhood Farms. Not only is his content interesting, but he shares his fatherhood journey with us. Plus he helps others in need in different ways. 

9. Jason Greene – If your blog is called One Good Dad, you need to be on the Dadden Top 10 list. Jason writes about fatherhood, travel, entertainment and so much more. If you follow him on social media you know he loves being a dad. 

10. Brock Lusch – Brock is all in when it comes to being a dad. He is a stay at home dad and runs the podcast over at the The National At-Home Dad Network. Make sure you check out his podcast and follow him on his social channels. 

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