Running For A Reason – 40 For 40 

Roberto Santiago created a fantastic fundraiser that will be helping a lot of great charities. He is calling it the 40 for 40.  The 40 for 40 Race is a semi-competitive virtual running event. People over the age of 40 will each run a 40 yard dash. The highest finishers will be able to designate a portion of the funds raised to go to a charity of their choice. First place can decide on where to donate 50% of the pot. Second place gets 30% and 3rd place gets 20%. Therefore the more that is raised, the more money that can be donated.

Running For A Reason 

Roberto has run other races to raise money, but for this one he wanted to include all of us. Not only can we run and support a charity that is near and dear to our hearts we could also get some bragging rights on who has the fastest 40 time. This reminds me of the NFL Combine. The ones who make the headlines are the ones with the best time in the 40 yard dash. I am going to keep an eye on who has the best times in Roberto’s fundraiser. The top 10 dads who have the top scores will be added to the top ten Dadden ratings in the speed category. It would be similar to the Overall Dadden Ratings list. 

Running Or Not, You Can Still Help 

If you don’t want to run, but still help out you can donate over at Roberto’s GoFundMe page here. If you are looking to run and eye up your competition you can check out Roberto’s website here. He will post the runner bios as the enter the 40 for 40 fundraiser. Thank you Roberto for not only looking to raise money for charities, but you are making it fun for us! 

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