Running For A Reason – 40 For 40 – Results 

This past weekend there were dads and moms running for a reason. A few weeks ago I talked about Roberto Santiago’s fundraiser called the 40 for 40 Race. The 40 for 40 Race was a virtual running event. Roberto was looking for people over the age of 40 will each run a 40 yard dash. The highest finishers will be able to designate a portion of the funds raised to go to a charity of their choice. First place can decide on where to donate 50% of the pot. Second place gets 30% and 3rd place gets 20%. I wanted to share the results with you and highlight Roberto and the many people that made this event a success. 

The 40 For 40 Results 

First and foremost, Roberto was able to reach over his goal of $1000 raised for this event. Thanks to the generosity of kind people, Roberto was able to raise over $1,300. Congrats Roberto and all those who donated time and money for the 40 for 40 race. In addition Roberto was able to not only run a successful event, but he ran the best time! Well done Roberto. I made a graphic that went along with my Dadden rankings. This time the focus was on speed. Nice work on all those who participated in the event. I did run as well, but I ran more than 40 yards, so I did not include my time. 

You can also check out the wrap-up event that Greg Washington, Doug Zeigler, Lauren Yee, Jonathan Heisey-Grove and Roberto did this past week. Click Here for the YouTube version. Enjoy! 

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