The Evolution Of Dad As A Superhero 

As we lead up to Father’s Day we see all the Number 1 Dad mugs and ties go on sale. Dads might get the spotlight that day, but I don’t look at it that way. For me, Father’s Day is a day for me to reflect on my fatherhood journey. I wonder what my kids think of me and if I am a good role model for them. As I get older I start to realize that my kids need different versions of me at different stages in their lives. You might not be the dad that looks like Superman, but you do have superpowers. Those superhero powers evolve over the years. 

Dad, Better Than A Superhero 

For those dads who have tweens or teenagers, your kids will not need you for the things they needed when they were toddlers. They don’t ask for horseback rides. They might not try to dress like you anymore. Yet, they still see you as someone who will support them. Your superhero abilities change to meet their needs. It evolves from cutting their food to driving them to practice. You go from reading them bedtime stories to just listening to them about their day and offering advice on something that they are going through at that moment. You might not sit down and watch the latest kids cartoon special, but you might go to the movies with them to see the latest comic book movie. Your powers change as your kids get older. I would encourage all dads to enjoy the journey at every stage. It may be tough to see how fast time flies, but dwell on that moment and not the past. 

Finding Your Super Powers 

One of the things I love about working with Fore Fathers is that Nick and his crew look to build up fathers everywhere. Nick not only sells awesome dad gear, but he created the DADabase. Nick shares his thoughts on his fatherhood journey. In addition, the DADabase has stories covering parenting, entertainment, food and drink and other fun things that dads need in their lives. He is looking to promote fatherhood in a positive way. There is no one way to celebrate Father’s Day. Think about what you would like to do and share that idea with your family. Find a way to enjoy the day where you will create memories. This is something that Fore Fathers and The Art of Fatherhood encourages dads to do not just on Father’s Day, but every day! 

Please note: I am working with Fore Fathers on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own.

6 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Dad As A Superhero ”

  1. Great read, Art. I agree with what you said. I try to be there for my kids in any which way they need me. Happy early Father’s Day.

  2. We need more sites like this. Dads sometimes get a bad rap. We look like idiots and we can’t take care of our kids. Thanks for pumping up dads!

  3. As a dad of two kids who are now out of the house and have kids of their own, I understand what you mean. I made sure I was there for my kids. Whether I was driving them around or helping with homework, I wanted my son and daughter know they could count on me.


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