The Phantom Apprentice Is Revealed to Ahsoka Tano

This week’s The Clone Wars episode is one of the best not just for this season, but for the entire series. One of the reasons is you get to see what was happening with Ahsoka, Rex and others during the time of the events in Revenge of the Sith. We even see Darth Maul looking to Ahsoka for help to stop Darth Sidious. 

The Phantom Apprentice Needs Help 

Ahsoka leads Republic clones to confront Maul’s forces on Mandalore, while Maul senses the impending chaos and makes a calculated play to ensure his own survival in The Phantom Apprentice. We get to see Darth Maul’s plan on the Siege of Mandalore. He was looking for Obi-Wan and Anakin to come to Mandalore not Ahsoka. We see Maul filled with rage when he sees that it was not Kenobi, but Tano come to the rescue in last week’s episode. We find out why in this week’s episode. 

The Two That Are Connected 

The Sith rule of two have been used for some time now, but we see Maul’s revelation of how Count Dooku and he had similar paths as they were both Sith apprentices for Sidious. You feel for Maul and almost want his plan to succeed. Bo-Katan and Ahsoka meet up with Darth Maul and as the streets are filled with bombs and gunfire Bo-Katan leaves Ahsoka alone with Maul to help her comrades take bake Mandalore. 

Maul pleads with Tano for her to join him take down Sidious and his new soon to be apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. Maul even knows of the Order 66 plan, but does not tell Ahsoka about the full scale of the Sidious’ plan. Tano is taken back from what Maul was telling her, but at first decides to help him so she can stop Maul’s vision from coming true. 

Things Are Coming To An End

With only two episodes left, with the last one on May 4th, Star Wars Day it is fitting that it comes to end on that day. The last two episodes are titled Shattered and Victory and Death, which I hope we see Captain Rex be victorious over Order 66. 

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