Clive Standen Talks Fatherhood, Council Of Dads & Why Dads Are Important

Clive Standen sits down with me to talk about his role on the new hit NBC show, The Council of Dads. The show centers around Scott Perry and when discovers he has cancer he is worried about his children growing up without his help and advice. He and his wife Robin recruit six friends to act as a “council of dads” to be father figures to his children. Clive plays Anthony Lavelle on the show. Clive opens up about the audition process and why he cried while reading the script. 

We also talk about fatherhood and the impact of not growing up with a father and making sure he is there for his kids. He shares the values he looks to instill into his kids and shares advice for new dads. We finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Clive Standen

Clive Standen stars as Anthony Lavelle on the new NBC drama Council of Dads. Standen was last seen in the series Taken, based on the popular film franchise of the same name. He is known worldwide for his portrayal of Rollo Lothbrok in the critically acclaimed series Vikings and can also be seen in the UK on Doctor Who, Camelot and Robin Hood.

He currently co-stars in the independent films Vault and In Like Flynn, based on the life of Errol Flynn. Previously, Standen co-starred in Everest, opposite Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Patient Zero, opposite Matt Smith and Stanley Tucci.

Follow Clive on Twitter at @CliveStanden and make sure you check out Council of Dads on NBC.

About Council Of Dads 

Family takes on a different meaning in this transformative and inspirational new drama when Scott Perry, a loving father of five, has his entire life’s plan thrown into upheaval by an unexpected health scare. He calls on a few of his most trusted friends to step in as back-up dads to help guide and support his growing family – just in case he ever can’t be there to do it himself. There’s Anthony, Scott’s oldest and most loyal friend; Larry, his tough-love AA sponsee; and Oliver, his dedicated doctor and wife’s dearest friend. Together, they discover that there’s more to being a father than anyone could do alone – and more to being a family than they ever thought possible.

About The Art of Fatherhood Podcast 

The Art of Fatherhood Podcast follows the journey of fatherhood. Your host, Art Eddy talks with dads from all around the world where they share their thoughts on fatherhood. Please leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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  1. Review for Art of Fatherhood podcast: This is my first time listening to a podcast. What stood out to me was dads talking about their feelings. I feel like this doesn’t happen often. I loved the part where he said loving a child is the ONLY unconditional love <3


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