These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 10 – Fashionable Dads

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right Series I am talking about dads who are leaving their mark in the fashion world. You might not see these dads walking the runway during fashion week, but these styles are legit. Not only do these guys make some fantastic merchandise, but they empower dads to embrace fatherhood! Support these guys by picking up some of their gear and show off your dad pride! Let’s take a look at these fashionable dads.

Living That PopLyfe – Sean Singleton

I have met Sean online and interviewed him for one of my podcasts. Later, I got to meet him in person at the Dad 2.0 Summit. He is a great guy and wonderful dad. He was kind enough to send me a shirt. When I would rock that shirt with a pair if Air Jordans I would get compliments on it all the time. His designs are fantastic. For Sean the PopLyfe looks to help responsible and proud fathers represent their Family Life and their Story of Fatherhood. The PopLyfe shop was created to recognize dads and their commitment to being proud, involved fathers. It is designed for dads who want to show their pride on what matters most. His aim is to share the message that being a father is important and encourage dads to show the world that they don’t take the responsibility lightly. Check out his clothing line at 

SwaggerDad – Danny Reyes 

If I am doing a post on dads who are fashionable, then Danny “SwaggerDad” Reyes has to be on this list. He will put together clothes to make a killer outfit. If you follow him on social you already know what is up. Danny started up SwaggerDad is an informative men’s parenting resource. It acts as a guide to being an active Dad, while still maintaining your swag.  Readers can keep their swag in check with reviews on the latest in music, tech, style, and health, while staying informed on local parenting resources and cool places to take your kids on the weekend. For more on Danny go to his site at 

Beleaf In Your Style – Glen Henry 

Glen has a passion for fatherhood. He really cares about sharing his fatherhood journey. He created a clothing line that supports great dads everywhere. On one of his shirts he says, “Family is both the root where we begin and the seed we plant for the future. Family is tremendously powerful.Whether we know it or not, when we start families, we create the foundation for someone else’s entire existence. This is why it is so significant to have awareness of the value of family, because what we do as parents plays into who our children become. This means we’ve got to learn how to love deeper and more unconditionally, and when we fail, apologize more genuinely because our children learn from us.” That is very powerful. See more of his fatherhood gear at 

For Dads Everywhere – Fodada 

Fodada love dads. They especially love great dads. Their clothing line celebrates, promotes and supports great dads. Every purchase helps them promote the idea of great dads while funding free programs for dads and families. From programs here in the states to all around the world like combatting disease to promoting the importance of dad and kid interactivity to empowerment. Fodada was started in May of 2012 with the mission of using a tangible good to carry a powerful message and fuel a movement. Today, they have been able to reach dads in fifteen countries and put on free programs for thousands across the globe. Support them so they can keep on supporting dads and families. Check out their store at 

Fatherhood Is Lit – Presence Over Presents 

James Lopez is a dad that came up with the hashtag #FatherhoodIsLit. He is a father of 3 boys and he encourages dads to enjoy the journey of fatherhood. James is a tech entrepreneur and founder of The Phat Startup and Tech 808. James considers himself a Hip Hop dad, who was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City. He is all about spending quality time with his kids and finding events or activities that are fun for all of us. James practices what he preaches. If you follow him on social media you will see that he is all about hanging out with his kids and supporting other dads out there. His clothing line is an extension of his thoughts on fatherhood. Love the presence of presents gear. Check out his store at 

So make sure you support these fashionable dads and their great merchandise. I have made a few shirts myself. You can get shirts like the ones below at my store here! 

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