These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 115 – Dads Getting Geeky With It 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to showcase dads who looking to get geeky with it. These dads explore fatherhood, pop culture, and other interests they want to share with their audience. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Three Geeky Dads Podcast 

Marc Macrina, Brien Ramsey and Derek Raynard are three friends who’ve grown up GEEK! Together, they share insights and commentary on pop culture. Whether it’s a roundtable discussion about iconic films, comics and characters, or watching a movie so bad they try to “Drink Til It’s Good”, these three share a passion for all the geeky things they grew up on, while imparting their kids with the lessons they’ve learned from the greats, from Spielberg to Stan Lee, Superheroes to Time Lords and everything in between! Three Geeky Dads, sharing their pop-culture passion with this generation of geeks and the next!

The Geeky Dads Podcast

A podcast for geeks by geeky dads. You know they are legit when their company is called GreySkull Studios. Well done. Picture me using the Captain America I understood that reference gif. They release regular episodes discussing movies, TV, games and all those toys we loved as kids. They even have their kids on their podcast to talk about all things pop culture. Check out their podcast here. 

Geeky Dad’s Den 

James is married to a fellow geek and the father of two girls. He will tell you that he has a quirky sense of humor. In addition he says he has a potty mouth which is hard to keep in check around the kids sometimes and a unique way of seeing the world around him. He became a dad in 2009 and things have been a constant whirlwind ever since.  While their life has it’s obvious challenges I always try to look at things with a little dash of humor and sarcasm. Check out his site here. 

Geeky Dads talk about Geeky Things!

JJ Johnson has a podcast called Geeky Dads talk about Geeky Things. He talks about superheroes, comic books and Saturday morning cartoons. Some of us dads have great memories, and a continuing love for anything we can geek out about! Each week he will have a special guest on to chat about all the geeky things they love. They are just a bunch of dads sitting around chatting about our love for science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and maybe even our top five cereals!

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