The Early Bird Gets The Worm, The Prepared Parent Gets The Savings 

Once you become a parent all of the things your parents said to you as a kid, now gets recycled to your children. The first few times you say a phrase you are horrified. In your mind you are yelling, “I sound just like my parents!” Yet, when you take a minute to realize there was a lot of truth in their words. It is part of the circle of life and your kids will say the same things to their kids. I remember my mom would tell me that the early bird gets the worm. That adage is all about being prepared and getting up early to get your work done. 

How To Become The Prepared Parent 

I wrote an open letter last month to new dads here at the Art of Fatherhood. I shared some advice and other dads added their thoughts on fatherhood as well. It might seem overwhelming at first when you are taking care of your baby, but it is all about preparation. Let’s take a look at a few items that will help you on your fatherhood journey. 

Diaper Bag 

Just like Batman has his utility belt, the diaper bag is a dad’s utility belt. The better the bag, the better the fatherhood experience. When I became a dad changing tables in men’s bathrooms were hard to come by. I was struggling to find a place to properly change my kid’s diapers. What if a diaper bag took all of those worries away? Well the Pod Diaper Bag Changing Station and Travel Cot from Gladly Family is the ultimate diaper bag. This bag allows you to bring everything you need, plus space for your baby to get changed safely or take a snooze, with you wherever you go. This is the G.O.A.T diaper bag. The bag has insulated bottle pockets, interior mesh storage pockets, adjustable shoulder straps for comfort, plus easy carry handles and special straps to easily attach to your stroller. Batman would be jealous of all the features that the Pod diaper bag comes with to make it easier on parents. 

The Crib Away From Home

In sports we talk about home field advantage. What happens when you are traveling with your family? Babies love routine and things that they are used to. The Merritt Portable Playard Suite allows you to bring part of your home and routine with you. Check out all these features that the Merritt brings along with it. It is a safe place for babies from newborn to toddler. You can use it from birth to 50 lbs. It features our patent-pending Lightning Fold folds with one hand in under 10 seconds. It is sturdy yet lightweight with a stylish aluminum frame and includes a changing station folds away for easy storage. There is an extra large diaper caddy with room for everything and a removable, machine-washable fabric for easy cleaning.

Every Family Needs An Anthem 

Going back to a sports theme, you have to love when a baseball player walks up to the plate, they use their favorite song or anthem. In this case the Anthem is the line of wagons from Gladly Family. Their Anthem line will make your life a lot easier for many reasons to become a prepared parent. If you have one or two kids the Anthem2- 2-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller is up your alley. If you have more than two kids then you should look at the Anthem4 – Classic 4-seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller. This line of wagons are easy to maneuver no matter if you either push or pull. Just like the Merritt it is easy to fold; standing fold or flat for storage. The canopies come with breathable mesh inserts and has sun, wind and rain protection. It comes with all-terrain tires and a sturdy suspension system. In addition the wagons have a one-touch, easy to use brake. 

Gladly Family Gets You Prepared For Early Black Friday Savings

Gladly Family is your one stop shop for all the necessary baby gear you will need for your bundle of joy and become a prepared parent. Use the code THEARTOFFATHERHOOD for 20% off your order. Just another way that Gladly Family and I are looking to help you on the beginning of your fatherhood journey. Go to to check out all of their products and get Black Friday deals early over at their site. Plus, if you want to share a phrase your parents used to say to you and now you tell your kids the same line, leave it in the comment section below. 

Please note: I am working with Gladly Family on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own. 

12 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets The Worm, The Prepared Parent Gets The Savings ”

  1. I remember thinking to myself when my wife and I brought our son home from the hospital if I was ready. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I agree with what you are saying Art. Parenting can smoother if you are prepared.

    • Right there with you Albert. I was so nervous when we brought our daughter home from the hospital.

    • I agree Pam. That bag is fantastic.

  2. Since I started listening to your podcast and checking out your site since I found out I was going to be a dad, I stumbled upon Gladly’s instagram page. It is cool to see parents use that stroller for Halloween ideas. Looks like I know what to put on our wish list.

    • Congrats on the great news soon to be dad!! Thanks for checking out the site and podcast.

  3. Very clever on the every family needs an anthem. Love the dad joke there. I shared this article with my sister and her husband. They are in need of a new wagon!

    • Haha. Thanks!! Nice work on helping out your family.

  4. Gladly family looks to have put a lot of thought in their products. The diaper bag especially is so cool. I am going to pick one up.

    • I know you will be super happy with it!

    • Totally agree Davis.


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