These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 130 – Fatherhood Books That You Might Enjoy 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to share with you some fatherhood books that you might enjoy. Whether you are new a dad or a veteran dad these books could help your perspective on parenting. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

10 Days to Dad: A Practical Guide for News Dads in the Weeks Leading up to Delivery – Fatherhood Books

10 Days to Dad is a straightforward list of useful tips, tricks and suggestions to make the last few weeks before delivery less hectic. If you’re a procrastinator, this is a great starting point for you. Each day you’ll find a list of recommended actions to take, lessons learned from the author, and some conversations to have with your partner. All of the information is based on the author’s experience leading up to his wife’s delivery.

New Dad Hacks 

William Harding is the author of New Dad Hacks. In the book you will find everything you need to know about the birthing process. You will get expert advice on how to plan your finances so that you and your family are well taken care of. In addition you will learn how to prepare for the unexpected, allowing you to look like a true superhero. There are some delicious recipes to help you make great meals. In addition, the book answers to your most important questions throughout each month of the process. William and his helpers show how you what can do to ensure that labor goes smoothly for everyone involved. He states that your partner will love you even more for being prepared here. Sound good check it out here. 

The First Time Father – Baby’s First Year 

Being a first-time dad can be scary, but with the right guide, anything is possible. Is your little bundle of joy finally in the world, but you can’t help but freak out about all the responsibility? Are you constantly overwhelmed with the emotions that come with fatherhood that you can’t seem to think straight? If you sick and tired of not having enough parenting guides out there for fathers this book is for you. Fatherhood can be one of the most beautiful roles you take on in your lifetime. Inside the book, you will find the resources you need to travel down the line with your newborn baby and create an everlasting bond between father and child.

The New Dad and Baby Series: 3 in 1

Becoming a father is one of the most important and rewarding experiences a man can go through in his life. It can also be one of the most daunting and challenging, especially if you’re going into it unprepared. That’s where The New Dad and Baby Series comes in. This 3-book set will prepare you for every stage of fatherhood – from preparing for your child’s birth, to helping you through the first year of your child’s life, to guiding you through those challenging toddler years. But it’s not just about giving you information – this series will give you the confidence you need to be a great dad. The knowledge and wisdom you will learn in these books will help you to navigate the tricky waters of fatherhood with ease. So whether you’re a first-time dad or have been parenting for a while, The New Dad and Baby Series is a must-read.

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