These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 21 – Follow Their Fatherhood Journey

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am looking to put the spotlight on dads who are inspiring other fathers. From their sonnets on fatherhood to traveling the world with their kids these dads are doing it right. These dads are sharing their fatherhood journey with us. They put a lot of time and effort into their sites. You will definitely learn something new from these great dads. 

Sheldon Barrocks – Getting Creative 

I have met Sheldon online via our passions for fatherhood and sneakers. Not only should you follow him on social media, but you should check out his website. He shares his own experience in life. His writing is very insightful. I enjoy reading his thoughts about how to navigate life successfully. He will give you advice that he has collected from over a decade in his professional career. He has worked in multiple corporate management positions as well as his own creative side businesses and projects. Read his articles over at 

David Stanley – Sharing His Fatherhood Journey Through Poetry 

David Stanley has been a stay-at-home dad, high school teacher, coach, and corporate executive. An admitted science geek, he is now a free-lance writer and the owner of My Voiceover Masters. A survivor of both cancer and a massive pulmonary embolism, he writes on a variety of topics. He also writes sonnets on all aspects from his life. I enjoy chatting with David when he was on my podcast and when we meet up at the Dad 2.0 Summit. Read David’s work at 

Mark – Dad Stays Home While Traveling The World 

Mark is a stay at home dad, while his wife, Julie serves in the military. Thank you Julie for your service! They used to live in the United States, but moved to Italy for Julie’s job. Mark has a YouTube channel where he chronicles his family’s journey. It is really cool to see what Mark and Julie are doing with their kids. They are creating a tremendous experience for their kids with all of their adventures. To check out his videos go to his YouTube channel at 

Darren Kirby – The Fitter Healthier Dad

Darren Kirby is know as the “Fitter Healthier Dad”. Kirby is a tri-athlete, and a fit dad. Darren lost over sixty pounds and has managed to keep the weight off through a diet based on sensible principles, and a commitment to fitness. He started his site to share some useful tips on how to stay fit and eat right. Follow Darren on Twitter at @ukkirby and go to his website at

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