These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 22 – Military Dads

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to celebrate dads who either served in the military or helped out the military. First and foremost I want to thank all the men and women who have served in the United States military. I am grateful for you and your sacrifice. So please join me in celebrating these great dads by checking out their site, podcast or organization. 

Ben Killoy – Military Veteran Dad 

Ben Killoy is a U.S. Marine Veteran turned blogger, life coach, speaker, and podcaster whose mission is to bring Military Veteran Dads home to their families. He resides in Janesville, WI, with his wife and three beautiful kids. Ben went through what most transitioning veterans go through, the feeling of needing to redefine their identity outside of the structure of the military and rediscovering your passion and purpose for life. A seminar changed it all for him and allowed him to discover his passion for leadership and helping other veterans and Dads be the best parents they can. 

Since that seminar he has been on a mission to master leadership principles and use his passion for leadership to help dads understand who they are, develop their skills to overcome adversity, and to own their life choices to enable them to truly come home to their families. Ben’s podcast combines his own insights into his unique experiences with the military and fatherhood, along with interviews and discussions with other thought-leaders from around the world. Go to for more on Ben. 

Justin Balm – Helping Out Military Families 

Justin never put on a uniform, never picked up a weapon or never stood a post. But for seven years, he worked for the Marine Corps’ long time advertising agency JWT. He was the Creative Director, the guy who comes up with the ideas for the recruiting campaigns. Prior to that, he worked on advertising for brands like Coke, Ford, FedEx Office, Secret and the Miami Marlins. But working with the Marines was different, it was meaningful.

He spent time with poolees, recruits, Colonels and Commandants. Justin travelled the country for three months with the Silent Drill Platoon. He went to OCS, Parris Island, the Pentagon and more Marine Corps Birthday Balls than most Marines. He met some of the finest people on the planet – the men and women who serve and their families. Even though he would say “thank you for your service” from time to time especially when meeting a Marine Corps Veteran it felt trite though. A bit of a throwaway. It was meant with the best intention but it always fell a bit short. That’s why he created ZZZ Bears. A “thank you” covered in fur, wrapped in the same camouflage that mom or dad wears, designed specifically to ease the nighttime anxiety of military children. What he is most proud of is ZZZ Bears partnership with TAPS to provide Sgt. Sleeptight teddy bears to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Armin Brott – The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads

Armin Brott is the author of many great books. He has written The Expectant Father, The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, and The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads. I have met Amrin a few times at conferences as well as having him on my podcast. His book, The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads is a book to help deployed dads with everything they need to know to stay (or become) involved with and connected to their family regardless of the distance that separates them. You can check out more on that book at Brott’s site.

Vincent “Rocco” Vargas – Military Dad

Like many veterans, Vince Vargas is a family man. He published his first illustrated book called, My Military Dad Does Things a Little Different. It is written for the military family. It’s a book meant for military parents and their children to experience together.  It addresses issues such as why Daddy has to go far away. It also talks about the nuances of life as a military kid. Vincent is a very talented guy. Vargas is a writer and actor. His has been in projects such as Range 15, The Long Way Back, John Came Home and Dads in Parks and the Drinking Bros Podcast. For more on Vincent go to his site.

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