These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 30 – Families That Travel The World

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to put the spotlight on families that travel the world together. These families are traveling and documenting their experiences and sharing their adventures with all of us. I think it is a really cool idea and I applaud these families on looking for new adventures every day. If you have a certain family that is not mentioned here please leave a comment in the section below. 

This Adventure Family Travel

Ryan and Natalia and their two sons Ben and Jack sold all of their possessions to pursue a life full of adventure and endless learning opportunities. They love sharing their experiences with the world. They hope that their adventures inspire others to find their own passions. This family explores new places and tries new things on a daily basis. They have created an awesome community of outdoor loving families through their social media sites. Check them out at 

Meet The Global Wizards 

Jurgen, Heleen, Yuna and Hanne are known as The Global Wizards Family. Their home country is Belgium, which they love. Yet traveling has been part of their lives since the beginning of their relationship. They didn’t stop when they got kids. Their girls have been traveling since they were babies. In their blog they are all about sharing their experiences, tips and passions. They are experts in adventures and following a budget for family travel. Jurgen and Heleen write about the destinations they visit. They give you advice on family travel in general as well as photography and working while traveling. Inspiring people to travel with their kids themselves is their goal. For more on the Global Wizards go to 

5 Lost Together 

5 Lost Together is a Canadian family of five that absolutely loves traveling. They didn’t want to wait until retirement to travel. This family believes you can do it now as a family.  They seek out any opportunity to travel that comes their ways. Just like other families they have done the traditional shorter family holidays. Then they stared to go on extended travel trips, go backpacking and live on a sailboat. They will guide and motivate you to pack your suitcases and hit the road with your kids.  There is no one right way to travel with your kids and they hope that they can help and inspire you to find the way that works best for your family. Go to to follow their journey. 

Travel Babbo 

Eric has been blogging for five years about adventurous family travel. He has taken his kids to 59 countries and all 7 continents. That is so impressive. Well done Eric. He is always searching for the coolest and most unique kid-friendly activities around the world. Every year each of his three kids gets to choose any destination in the world for a one-on-one trip with him. That is one cool dad. Learn more about where he and his family have been to by going to his site at 

Travelynn Family

TraveLynn Family pushes the boundaries of family travel and believes that adventure should not wait until the kids are older. As a family of four from the UK, they have trekked the Himalayas. They have lived in India and traversed Africa in a Land Rover with roof tents.  Now based back in the UK, Jenny and the family are demonstrating how adventures can continue once kids have started school . They can show you how you can still get off the beaten track. It’s just about being clever with where you go. They have two boys. If you love an epic road trip or are looking to take your kids to Africa or Asia, this family is definitely the ones to follow. Go to their site at 

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