These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 32 – The Dads Behind Father’s Eve

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am showcasing the Father’s Eve organization. Father’s Eve is a celebration the night before Father’s Day that started in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is now present in over forty cities. The event is a new way to help dads connect with other to make an impact. Started in a three car garage in 2012, a group of friends who, like many, struggled to stay connected with each other decided to use the night before Father’s Day as a way to spend time together. Check out the dads behind Father’s Eve. 

John Francis – Founder Of Father’s Eve 

John Francis is the founder of Fathers Eve. In 2012, John wanted to show off his new garage to some male friends, all who happened to be dads, so he threw a party that happened to take place the night prior to Fathers Eve. They had so much fun they did it again the next year and called it Fathers Eve.  Within a few short years, it has become a meaningful “Dads Night Out” event in over many, many cities! Today, Fathers Eve is a growing celebration that provides an opportunity for dads to learn from other dads and meet new people. “The greatest part of the event is connecting guys that didn’t know each other before but left the event as friends,” said John.

John Markgraf – Logistics Guy 

John is Father’s Eve “logistics” guy,. He retired from UPS. John Francis says of John, “He’s helpful in many ways, now he’s focused on our online store, selling the merchandise! He’s been a friend for a long time.” John is a father of two. 

Dan West – Tech Guy 

Dan West is their tech guy. He helps with all things the Father’s Eve website and any kind of graphics they use for the event. John got to know Dan through business networking in the early 2000’s. Dan has got three little kids. He helps with the kids doing school from home!

Bill Dornbach – Event Guy

Bill is Father’s Eve event expert. According to Father’s Eve founder John, Bill help keep them out of trouble and knows everyone! Bill has three kids. John met Bill in high school and hung out together in college. Bill has extensive background in strategic planning, product launch, and brand development for both reimbursed and consumer-focused healthcare products. 

Mike Zipko – Media Guy 

Mike is the media and public relations guru for Father’s Eve. John met Mike at college. Mike is not a dad, but he has dogs!  Mike is the third co-founder and principal of Velocity Public Affairs. He has more than 20 years of experience helping clients manage issues, address challenges, and maximize opportunities that involve creating and executing effective communications. 

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