These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 38 – Empowering Fatherhood

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to focus on some dad writers and bloggers who are empowering fathers to be the best they can be for their family. You definitely want to check out their work and if you like what you are reading their parenting journey make sure you follow them on social media. If there are any other empowering dad parenting sites that you think we should check out leave their site in the comment section below. 

Andrew Chris – Empowering Fatherhood

Andrew Chris is the Founder of The Life Empowerment Organization. This is where he pursues his passion for empowering others and their relationships. He does this from his extensive academic and professional experience. He focuses on therapy, parent coaching, leadership, child development, marriage and fatherhood. Andrew takes what he has learned and strives to change the lives of others for the positive. Check out his book Empowered Fathering: How to Navigate Today’s Fatherhood Journey. 

Greg Cohoon – Knitting Daddy 

Greg started learning how to knit in June of 2012. This was a few weeks after his daughter was born. She was born at 30 weeks, two-and-a-half months early. Greg’s daughters was a tiny baby. She weighed two-and-a-half pounds and as a result of her premature birth, she spent five weeks in the NICU before she was able to come home. He talks about fatherhood, knitting and has his own podcast. Check out his site at 

Jeremy Roadruck – Trying To Be The Best Parent Ever 

Jeremy Roadruck is an authority and consultant for families and children, a speaker, and a veteran martial artist, holding a Master Degree with over 20 years of martial arts experience. He’s also an accomplished competitor, nationally and internationally, winning 1st place at the Pan-American Games and is an educator with a deep commitment and passion for developing the next generation of leaders in our communities, in our country, and in our world. For more on Jeremy pick up his book, Your Best Child Ever. 

Jamie & Tom – Daddy & Dad 

Jamie and Tom started up their site Daddy & Dad. They have two sons, Lyall and Richard. They became a family six years ago. The award-winning Daddy & Dad blog has been gathering a loyal troupe of followers since its launch in 2014. To Jame and Tom, adopting Lyall and Richard is the best thing they have ever done. There are over 2000 children in foster care in the UK who are waiting for their forever family. They are looking to share their fatherhood journey and raise awareness about adoption. Read their stories at 

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