These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 42 – Dads Looking To Create Fun Memories For Their Kids

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I am highlighting some dads that are looking to share fun and adventure with their kids by making memories. From being outdoors to creating lasting memories these dads are all in. Make sure you check out their work. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their site in the comment section below. 

Steve Lemig – The Widerdad Making Memories Outdoors

Wilderdad aims to give good dads a break, to throw you a life vest that’ll keep your head afloat in the choppy seas of fatherhood. Steve didn’t learn much about parenting from his dad. His dad came from a long line of dads who had no idea what they were doing. And he passed the tradition down to Steve. If you are like Steve, you’ve probably learned from your significant other that ignorance doesn’t fly as an excuse any more. And that’s where Wilderdad comes in.

Wilderdad hopes to make fatherhood a little easier and to make you feel like you actually know what you’re doing. Steve believes that  the outdoors holds a key to building a happy family. He believes spending time outdoors, whether urban parks, lakeshores, or remote mountains, teaches confidence, creativity and problem solving. Check out his work over at 

Sanderson Dean – Stark Raving Dad

Sanderson Dean is an Emmy-award winning copywriter working in the entertainment industry. He toils at home where his 2 kids are most of the time. This puts him right on the frontline of baby battles. Over the years Sanderson Dean has turned all his fatherly angst into poetry, accompanied by crudely drawn images by his children. But before your eyes glaze over at the word “poetry,” you should know it’s more hapless than highbrow. From surviving road trips to being puked on, and from plunging clogged toilets to finding Craisins in the couch cushions, Sanderson covers many of the rarely talked about adventures that make the journey of parenthood so very exciting. Find him online at 

Eric – The Modern Father 

The Modern Father starts with a simple idea: To provide for fathers in any situation a place to gather, share, and learn. Being a father is hard; striving to be a better father is even more difficult. Because of that, The Modern Father focuses on ways to overcome obstacles and challenges to being a better father. And since better father isn’t just about changing diapers, fixing boo boos, or going to Little League games, The Modern Father will dive into other aspects of a father’s life. Check out his work over at 

David – Life With Benjamin 

David is a full-time dad and part-time Adobe button clicking machine. His journey into the creative world began several years back when he left his corporate job. Since then, he has had two children and continue to pursue his love of all things, photo, and video. David like to spend his days playing trucks, dinosaurs, and “minja” turtles, like his son, Benjamin, calls it. When he is not doing that, you can find him with a camera in front of my face, or sitting at my computer creating photos and videos for his site at 

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