These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 45 – Dads Living That DadLife

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to showcase some dad bloggers that are sharing their DadLife. From writing about their stories from their fatherhood journey to sharing their interests these dads are showing you that they care about being a father. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their site in the comment section below. 

Jim – DadLife Lessons 

For the founder of DadLife Lessons, he wanted to see what can be done to help out dads or dads to be. He feels that we always talk about wanting to give the next generation the best chance for success. So why not offer up advice and information to the next generation? He didn’t want to just share the few things he has learned and loved over his lifetime with just a few close friends when he knew it could help others. For him he is not saying he is the greatest, but he has life losses, victories and lessons. These are the things he is sharing to help other dads. Check out his site at 

Tim – Slouching towards Thatcham

Tim is a father of three. He has two boys and one girl. His blog is about his experiences as a father. He also shares some nostalgic reflections and other random stuff that interests him from time to time. This blog helps him stay sane and he continues to labour under the misapprehension that (a) his kids might actually read some of this when they’re a bit older and (b) he will one day become vaguely competent at this blogging thing. Give him some love by checking out his site at 

Jeff – The Daddy Style Diaries

For Jeff every day is an adventure, in and outside of the house. Being a father has been a blessing for him. Jeff’s secret is to have fun, enjoy, and learn from everything they do together. Jeff writes about a lot of different topics on his site. From fatherhood to travel to cars to fashion Jeff will be covering all of those bases. Make sure you check out his site at 

James – The Social Dad 

James day job is in Social Media and Digital Marketing. So besides fatherhood you can expect James to share some updates, news, or opinion pieces around the industry. He is also a keen photographer, camper, and car-lover. He writes about raising his daughter to be a kind, funny, smart, and passionate person. James just loves working in this space with like-minded people who want to share their story about parenting. Read his stories at 

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