These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 54 – Dad Blogs You Need To Check Out

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to put the spotlight on dads who are blogging about their fatherhood journey. They are sharing their stories and perspectives and want others to be part of that journey. Besides talking about being a dad they also share their interests. From hiking to fishing to sports they cover a lot of topics. You should check out these dad blogs. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their site in the comment section below. 

Travis Williams – Daddy’s Hangout 

Travis is a father of three. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and started blogging in 2009. It started as a hobby that his wife got him into because hewas always talking about a little bit of everything. Over at his site he writes from sports, music, different products, current events and just about everything imaginable. Eventually, it turned into something he was able to turn into a full-time home based business because it became something he loved to do all the time. He feels that he is truly blessed to be in the position to do things that he loves to do. Other things he loves to talk about are music. He is a longtime hip hop fan and a big fan of old school music also. One of the other perks of blogging is that he gets to engage with other people. Whether it’s other bloggers, companies, readers or people in the music industry, it doesn’t matter because he has always considered himself a people person. Check out his site over at 

Mike Smith – Sunshine Dad Blogs

The Sunshine Dad is also known as Mike Smith. He considers himself to be a typical dude. He believes the Bible is true. Mike loves football. He likes to hunt and fish. Mike does his own car repairs. Pius he is a member of Mad Cowford Improv group. If his family needs a handyman he goes into the garage and gets his tools. He loves all things electronic. Mike is a die-hard Florida Gator fan. He does admit that he cried during The Notebook. Mike builds furniture out of old pallets too. He also just so happens to be a stay at home dad of five. You can read all of his thoughts on life and fatherhood over at 

Robbie – Paternal Damnation

Robbie has created his site to share not only his views on fatherhood, but he covers men’s lifestyle and technology. Plus he does reviews and food and drink columns. From time to time he will give you a chance to win some cool prizes as well. He had previously worked as a sports journalist and later as an SEO content writer. You will enjoy Robbie’s work as much as you enjoy the name of his fatherhood website. Read his work over at 

Jeff Jackson – Daddy Is Best 

Jeff Jackson is a husband and a dad. He started up the site Daddy is Best. Jeff is a speaker, a salesman and a published author as well. His website was named one of the Top 50 Dad Blogs by BabySpot. On his blog, Jeff keeps his creative spark lit while discussing the role of the modern dad. He will make some videos on fatherhood as well. Check out his articles over at 

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