Other Parents Call Me The Sneaker Whisperer

As school starts up again parents are taking their kids back to school shopping. Parents are checking the school lists twice to make sure their kids have everything they need for the school year. Besides getting school supplies, kids want to go clothes shopping as well. This is a lot tougher than picking up items off the school supply list. Parents and kids will go back and forth on what clothes they need/want for school. Back in the day shoes was an easy purchase. Not today. Kids have their own taste when it comes to what sneaker they need for school. I can’t blame them though since I am a sneakerhead. There are a ton of choices and it makes it tough on parents to get the right one. That is where I come in to help those parents out. 

Enter The Sneaker Whisperer 

Around this time I get texts from friends about a certain sneaker their kids wants. They will send me a picture and ask me where they can purchase that sneaker. I will also get the question on the legitimacy of certain websites. Like is this a legit place to purchase that shoe. This is something that I really enjoy. I love helping people find sneakers that they want. I wear this role as a badge of honor. So I respond with a few questions like what is their shoe size? Is there a certain colorway they want? After that I send them a few options on where they can purchase that sneaker. Sometimes my friends have sticker shock on how much the sneakers will cost them. It all depends on the type of sneaker and how in demand the sneaker style currently is on the sneakerhead landscape. 

My First Sneaker Purchase 

I remember my first sneaker purchase. It was the Nike SC Trainer that was inspired by Bo Jackson. It was white, orange, blue and gray. It was the colorway that gave a nod to his college, Auburn. The summer between fifth and sixth grade I mowed lawns and did chores around my house and the neighborhood to earn money for those sneakers. When it was time to go back to school shopping I was so excited to buy the SC Trainers. The first day of sixth grade was a big deal for me. I was going to enter middle school while rocking some Bo Jackson kicks. That day ranks as one of the best first days of school for me. 

If you are into sneakers you understand my emotions that day. Your kids are feeling that same way this year if they got the sneakers they wanted for school. So if your kids are looking for a certain shoe and don’t know where to get it feel free to reach out to me. I am the sneaker whisperer. I am here to help. 

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