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I am just going to say it right off the bat, I am a sneakerhead. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when the sneaker culture started to take off. Yet even as I get older I still have a passion for sneakers. This week I was talking to a friend about sneakers and if your taste in footwear change when you get older. I said it depends on the person. There are different dad sneaker types out there.

For me I am still rocking Air Jordans, but added some other styles into my collection. For other guys as they get older and become fathers they have gone into full dad shoe mode. So with that let’s take a look at five dad sneaker types. Let it be known that I am not saying one type is better than the others. You do you! You rock what ever shoe floats your boat. 

The OG Dad Shoe

From the Nike Air Monarchs to the New Balance 624 it seems that this type of dad is drawn to the stereotypical dad shoe. These sneakers usually get worn in a few times in the house before they see the outside world. This is to make sure that their sneakers are ready for whatever “To-Do” list needs to be completed. Even after the trip to the local hardware store these traditional dad sneakers can be worn at a cook-out or for rooting on their kid at a soccer game. No matter what is in store for dad that day he can walk around in comfort in the ultimate dad sneaker. 

The Vintage Dad Collector 

When I say vintage shoe or sneaker it is not a Reebok Classic from the 80’s, but a sneaker that is part boat shoe and part sneaker. The Vans Authentic sneaker comes to mind for this dad. Whether they are going for coffee with their spouse or enjoying a Friday casual dress day in the office this dad loves showing off some flair with these types of kicks. 

The Fit Dad Set 

From the Crossfit dad to the running 5K’s dad the sneakers that will be worn by these dads will be highlighted in a magazine like Runner’s World. This dad will purchase sneakers from Brooks, Asics, Hoka and Saucony. There will be the occasional Nike, adidas and Reebok thrown in based on a recommendation from a friend, but mostly they are sticking to the high end workout sneakers. They might wear them to the local farmer’s market, but usually these sneakers are only worn when it is time to workout. 

The If The Sneaker Fits Dad 

This type of dad doesn’t care where the sneaker comes from. It can be a sneaker from Target or while shopping with the kids at the local sneaker store. This dad will glance at a few options that are ready to try on without the help of an associate. They don’t care the color, make or model. They just want the convenience without breaking the bank. If the price is right they might just pick up two pairs and store one for later after the first pair has seen its last days. 

The Sneakerhead Dad 

Just like me there are dads out there that match their sneakers with their outfit. They will choose what sneakers to wear based on the weather and destination. I have spoken with fellow sneakerhead dads where they won’t wear a certain pair based on what they are doing with their family. Our kids might scuff our brand new kicks, but we just smile and know it is not a big deal. We still love the shoe game, but we are not going to put our collection before our family. 

So which sneaker dad are you? Let me know in the comment section or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram. 

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10 thoughts on “Five Dad Sneaker Types – The Art of Fatherhood”

  1. You know us aging Cali-wanna-be hipsters…Allbirds and Oofos with a splash of Nike Vapormax on the side ….and always have a white pair of AF1’s ready to go.

  2. I guess I am a Fit Dad. Which I kinda get but in actuality I have always enjoyed the footbed of a good running sneaker. I have wide feet so it works well. But I am getting more into wanting color on my whose instead of black and grey or white. Yuck!!

  3. Sneaker Head Dad for sure I have Sneakers ten years old that still look good. My kids be like dad why you didn’t buy me any when I pull out a pair and I reply with,baby daddy take care of his shoes and so you!!!


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