These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 50 – Dads Sharing Their Adoption Journey

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to put the spotlight on dads who are sharing their adoption stories. Over the weekend I saw a video of a girl’s reaction when she found out she got adopted. She was so happy and was hugging everyone in the room. That video had me get all the feels. It also made realize that I needed to give some love to dads who are sharing their fatherhood journey through adoption. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their site in the comment section below. 

Tom Cox – The Unlikely Dad 

From Tom Adopting his son was without a doubt the greatest thing he ever did and will probably ever do. That and seeing him grow into the wonderful man he is destined to be according to Tom. On his site you will see all of his posts on adoption. Part of that story includes a three part story of their journey. He shares how they got on in the first few months and where where they are now. His aim is to shed some light to adopters and non-adopters on the process and the massive emotional journey. Plus he shares what’s involved and just how truly magnificent it can be. Tom has said it time and time again, but he feels as though his son found them as much as they found him. For Tom they were meant to be a family. Read his story over at 

Mike Berry – Honestly Adoption Co 

The Honestly Adoption Company something that Mike and Kristin Berry created. Along with their amazing team they do their best to offer support and transformational education for families on the journey. They are here to help adoptive and foster parents find the insight they need to thrive as a parent and transform their family. They do this through parent-to-parent support, online training, and practical resources. Mike and Kristin have been married 22 years and are raising 8 amazing children, all of whom have been adopted. Learn more about them and their experience over at their site at 

Tim – Sharing His Adoption Journey 

Tim and his wife, Natalie have been fortunate to adopt two children from Rapid City with the support of All About U. Their experiences with All About U couldn’t have been better. For Tim, they are very fortunate to be part of the AAU family. Tim has found that in adoption, there is a special connection between the birthmother and adoptive mother, but adoption also brings some unique experiences for adoptive dads like me. Tim is excited to be a dad and is so happy he and his wife decided to adopt. 

Matt Todd – Life In A Fishbowl 

Matt used to be a pastor. It has been said that serving in full-time vocational ministry means your family feels like they’re living in a fishbowl. When he accepted his position as Pastor at a small rural church, they instantly became a conspicuous family. His kids became “Preacher’s Kids” and his wife became the “Preacher’s Wife.” Instead of complaining and running from the fishbowl concept, they decided to embrace it and take advantage of the opportunity. Matt is no longer a full-time pastor, but his family is still pretty conspicuous. In September 2009, they brought their daughter, Mihret home from Ethiopia. You can read his family’s journey here. 

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